EA Announce McIlroy as PGA Tour cover- Information and Screens

Electronic Arts Inc today announced Rory McIlroy as the cover athlete and namesake of its golf franchise, officially making him the face of EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR, releasing in June 2015. McIlroy, a 4-time Major champion and top-ranked golfer in the world, represents a new generation of players for a new generation of consoles.

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crazychris41241439d ago

Why not Happy Gilmore or the gopher from Caddyshack for the cover?

JoeIsMad1439d ago

Because EA generally likes to use current and successful players.

crazychris41241439d ago

yea but it would be fun to play as Happy Gilmore or have the gopher pop up every now and then

Saijahn1439d ago

but Rory isn't successful. he's won 2 majors. And so far is stinking the joint up this year.

JoeIsMad1439d ago

Rory has 4 majors and he's the highest rated PGA star today.

Software_Lover1439d ago

Just doesn't give off the same feeling.

3-4-51439d ago

Awesome, can't wait to see more of this game.

nowitzki20041439d ago

As long as its not Phil Mickelson.