Adr1ft Creator "Super Excited" About Morpheus, Has Always Been A PlayStation Fanatic

Adr1ft Creator Adam Orth, a self-confessed PS fanatic, is super excited about the opportunity to make the game compatible with Morpheus.

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ccgr2377d ago

Not sure which VR I'll buy, depends on the price and support

Alexious2377d ago

Personally I'm not even sure VR will take off. It's cool and all, but it still has issues to deal with such as motion sickness.

dillhole2377d ago

As someone prone to motion sickness, I used the Oculus MK1 and didn't have any problems. It felt strange but nothing to worry about. Steady, high frame-rate is the key.

Clover9042377d ago

Motion sickness has already been dealt with by all the major vr players: oculus, Sony and Valve.

nowitzki20042377d ago

Ill wait and see. I think if I do jump in, it will be on the Oculus Rift. I am hoping both succeed and I have to get both.

dillhole2377d ago

I am so glad of the options and competition. I really haven't decided yet either - they all look promising.

vlashyr2377d ago

If they manage to use it well in the game will be a great experience.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2377d ago

Mr. Orth has amazing taste. Adrift is definitely one of the games i'm going to play this year, along with No Man's Sky and Drifter. All three have gameplay centered around space exploration, one of my favorite genres.

nowitzki20042377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I agree. I also cant wait for Star Citizen. Looks like Skyrim/GTA in space / Mass Effect on crack.

turdburgler10802377d ago

They should call it the Sandra Bullock Gravity simulator.

izumo_lee2377d ago

Wow so not only did Sony have Phil Harrison under cover at Microsoft they also had Adam Orth as well! *mind blown*

On topic though just imagining this game with VR will be amazing. Like playing the movie Gravity. The sense of fear & lonliness of space would be exhilarating!

kaiserfranz2377d ago

They should have hired George Clooney as well:)

izumo_lee2377d ago

Nah Sandra Bullock better to look at. Not saying Georgy isn't also nice to look at but you get my 'drift' :)

Aurenar2377d ago

We are all a bit PlayStation fanatics.

Festano2377d ago

I'm not! But Morpheus might just make me a convert.

PeaSFor2377d ago

yes we are, and like Adam Orth said: "Deal with it!"

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The story is too old to be commented.