256 Online War Game at E3?

E3 rumours are the best kind. Here's a list of stuff one guy seems to think will make up the bulk of Sony's conference tomorrow - most of it is fluff, but one bullet point stands out amongst the rest: MAG: Massive Action Game. According to the source, this is a 256 player online war, with 8 man squads lead by members based on rank, and apparently is akin to COD 4 multiplied by 10, whatever that means.

I guess we've just bought into some hype, then.

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Dark_Vendetta5315d ago

Seriously 256 are way too many players. Also this rumour doesn't sound plausibly

Ps3Fanboy7775315d ago

Second, although it sounds cool its coming from a forum, why exactly is this news? This is more like the kiddie-link website? The user isnt even a known user...

Seriously 256 player game would be insane on every level. I imagine if anything PC users would see this before consoles would.

perseus5315d ago

if there are some commanders available, AND you can make your own server and kick people who don't follow orders.

I like BF2 when it is played right, and the BF2 demo had up to 256 players before it got patched.

256 players would be awesome if the game were designed correctly.

th3james5315d ago

pc game that came out awhile ago that had 120+ players. It was awesome having huge maps with helicopters and planes flying all the way across the massive map. Soo many vehicles and weapons too