Metal Gear Solid 5: Hayter Continues To Tease His Role As Solid Snake, Weapons & Camouflage Analyzed

Apparently, Big Boss is using the same launcher as the ones used by XOF.

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Chapter112330d ago

David Hayter could sneeze and the clickbaiters would use it as a sign he's back in MGS5.

breakpad2330d ago

Hayter is far better than Sutherland for 1 reason and only (and probably he will come back) ..beyond the whole seriousness which such a military game protagonist should have(and Suthland doesnt misses smthing here), David has also the specific humor and carefree attitude that characterizes Snake(s and generally a japanese protagonist char in such games ...Sutherland when tried smthg analogous in MGSV GZ sounded ridiculous and far from good ...

Revolver_X_2330d ago

Enough with absurd statements. Seriously, Im a big MGS fan, but to call 1 dimensional Hayter a better actor then Kiefer is just pure fanboyism. Aside, from the fact that the humor of MGS is mainly in the (writing) and not the (delivery), overlooking the seriousness it takes to be a protagonist in the show 24, is ridiculous. While I will always see Hayter as Solid Snake, Kiefer is the "3rd" actor to voice Big Boss, and will always have more range then Hayter.

christian hour2330d ago

I think Hayter is trying to out-troll Kojima, game set and match. Who will emerge victorious?! Place your bets now!

Dir_en_grey2330d ago

Lucky Hayter got a role as Snake and it stuck so that ppl want him back even though he just sounds like he has a cramp all the time.
Lucky again that the ppl whine and he got the job again, but seriously Hayter just STFU for once and quit yapping and ruin the game.
Kojima should've never given him the job back for how much of a whiner and yapper that he is.
Please next gen have Japanese voice in it so I don't have to listen to this idiot.

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Ozmoses2330d ago

MGSV: TPP PS4 Collectors Edition back up on for pre-orders

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stragomccloud2330d ago

If Hayter is back, I WILL preorder the game and buy Ground Zeroes.

GameSpawn2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Well, according to Kojima, Big Boss (Sutherland) won't be talking much in Phantom Pain, so it probably won't be much of a loss if you hate Sutherland as Snake. That said, Troy Baker [Ocelot] HAS confirmed he'll be talking a $^*%-TON.

jon12342330d ago

i dont get people like you and your logic...

solidboss072330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

So.... you are not a fan of MGS. But you fancy Mr Hayter?? Fair enough poofy pants. Ground Zeroes was good for fans of the series. And PP looks very good indeed.

stragomccloud2330d ago

I'm okay I with Hayter not being in ground Zeroes if the reason truly was that Kojima just wanted a different voice for Big Boss. If the reason for the change was just to bring a Hollywood actor into the mix, them I'm against that.

If Haiter who helped develop the character in the west will reprise the role of Solid Snake, then I won't feel like the decision to use Sutherland was just a business decision.

I am a huge fan of the series and of Hayter. I'm just not a fan of changing actors just because.

WitWolfy2329d ago

Now thats what I call a fan!

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Tetsujin2330d ago

The internet would explode if he was to reprise as Solid Snake.


I'm not holding my breath until it's confirmed. I'm still going to play 5 for the story since I'm a fan of the series, however having David back is a plus.

deadpoolio3162330d ago

How is it hard to understand? Sutherland is BIG BOSS, If Solid Snake is somehow in the game they would actually use Hayter at that point...Its as if people have a hard time grasping that they are TWO DIFFERENT characters....Sutherland is still Big Boss

Tetsujin2330d ago

That's why I stated "as Solid Snake" not Big Boss. I never implied or said he'd play both characters.

I'm not saying David as Boss, I'm saying him as his character (Solid Snake) is a big plus for those of us who played the original Metal Gear series from NES (or MSX/PC).

jeromeface2330d ago

Do you forget they are clones? Clones are gonna sound the same unless there's some kind of injury to the voice box of one of them, thus changing their voice.

Eamon2330d ago

Uhh, he did just post a roster of character that has Old Snake from MGS4 whom he did voice.

Really, this is starting to get ridiculous. Maybe David is secretly taking a share of the click profits :P

WitWolfy2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Right hand man.. If you look closely that character model has his right arm... Very interesting indeed.

But again it could also be a different character model like "punished snake" or "Big Boss" for all we know.

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