'Is piracy a problem that can't be fixed?'

MCV: a few weeks ago Ed Fear at MCV was browsing one of the many gaming forums out there, and amongst the deluge of console war banter between the fanboys, he discovered a thread entitled 'R4, TT, M3 and N5'.

The thread had over 2,000 responses, all from gamers who either already own or were interested in buying one of these DS ROM cards, with one post detailing everything anyone would need to know about illegally acquiring Nintendo DS games – from where to buy the devices, to how to use them.

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Dark-vash3962d ago

Just Maybe, that's 1 reasons for NDS Sales Numbers!

Who knows!

I own 3 NDSL, 20 Original Carts and one "DSONE". I'm happy, and, for me, that's not a reason not to buy games!

Jdoki3962d ago

With piracy the legit consumer always loses.

No amount of excuses from hackers/crackers or those who download games/ROM's can justify this.

Any form of anti-piracy measure generally has an impact on price and/or ease of use to the legit users. I'm sure the PS3 could have been a little cheaper if Sony didn't have to worry about people trying to copy games.

As long as anti-piracy measures exist, there will be people trying to crack them, and people willing to exploit this and take advantage of taking something they didn't pay for.

However the manufacturers/developers/music industry etc have to find the right balance between controlling the use of legit consumers, and protecting their interests.

It would be interesting to see if iTunes has suffered a downturn in sales because they have a DRM-free option.

The only way to defeat piracy is to make the means to play pirate copies so much of a hassle that some people will not bother. making something pirate proof is almost impossible with out increasing the cost to end-users or crippling usability.

GodsHand3961d ago

Nice post.

I think it can be controlled, but you would have to mandate something like having to authenticate you own a legimate copy. Sorta of like Steam does with their games.

Jdoki3961d ago

Thanks Godhand.

I agree with you that some sort of authentication can help. However this falls under what I was referring to about 'ease of use'. Look at the hassle people had with Half Life 2, and also BioShock. Legit users who have paid money for a game get the hassle, while pirates get a version with no DRM or online activation.

There's no easy way around this unfortunately - although the PS3 is yet to be hacked, but surely it's only a matter of time.

badz1493961d ago

it can't be fix! as far as today's standards are concern, piracy will be here to stay for awhile! plus, using pirated copies are simpler than the legit one and they are DIRT CHEAP!!

titntin3961d ago

Make your machine hack proof, and you'll not have to worry about it.

the only machine that has no piracy is the PS3.

Carts for machines have always been available, and Microsoft allowed their 360 to be exploited by simply flashing the DVD firmware. If people can get soemthing for free, they will. You want to make sure you don't have a piracy problem - design a machine to be totally secure.

The articles point about offering a retail download servcie is irrelevant. People don't download these titles because its convienient - they download because its free.

Dark-vash3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Yeah, thats true in most cases!
but there are people like me, that don't "play" pirate games, they download them, try them and make sure that its worth paying 45E for them (in NDSL case)!
The PSP, well... you all know what's going on with it... the only game i own is Final Fantasy Crisis Core...

My Wii and Xbox360 are clear from any pirate devices and they are easily hacked... :P