Critically Acclaimed RPG Mount and Blade Coming to PS4 and Xbox One and More?

Console gamers may be about to get their first taste of the excellent Mount and Blade series, at least if a recent comment by one of the game's developers is to be believed.

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skulz71311d ago

Its such a fantastic series. Really hoping this is true.

1311d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1311d ago

What kind of games are they?
I would assume either adventure or open world RPG, from looking at the article pic...

Canary1311d ago

Medieval simulation sandbox.

You start as a nobody and do quests/combat to rise in rank. You can recruit other soldiers/mercenaries to help you (up to 80, IIRC).

The basic idea is that you start as a lowly peasant and can rise up to be a knight, lord, king, etc.

HaveAsandwich1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

You start alone, and build your crew, taking over villages and fighting others along the way. you can equip each individual member with different items like swords, bows, shields, horses, etc. you can have a whole posse of archers for example, and leave them behind the hand to hand combat, to volley arrows into your enemies. you have to keep them fed, keep them content. it's way cooler than it sounds, and there is WAY more to the game than this. Just play it.