How Microsoft can turn the negative Vista PR tide

Ars Technica writes: "Things have been awfully tough for Microsoft over the past year. Aside from all of its woes with Yahoo and Jerry Yang, the company has faced a PR nightmare on the Vista front.
It's being hammered from all sides by companies like Apple that are trying to paint a poor picture of Vista, and almost every article about the OS discusses its problems, but never the fact that it's actually selling quite well. Or that most of the crashes were associated with poor graphics driver code, which has since been fixed. In essence, Microsoft has been able to turn things around, but no one seems to notice."

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QueefyB3969d ago

it is an impossibility

badz1493968d ago

they simply can't! no matter how hard they try, it's no saving vista! how the hell you wanna promote something when it's clearly inferior than the last one? performance wise, XP is still way over vista!

andron3968d ago

It was only the last straw for many.

I switched to Linux and haven't looked back. MS won't get more money from me...