Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is coming for consoles

Mount & Blade's upcoming sequel Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is coming for consoles. Developer TaleWorlds Entertainment says they are proud to announce the fourth installment of Mount & Blade series jumps on consoles, at the same time with PC.


During our interview with Co-Founder and Lead Designer of TaleWorlds Entertainment, Armagan Yavuz, he said Bannerlord is being worked on precisely for consoles. With Bannerlord, quite a lot things will change for Mount & Blade. TaleWorlds published some developer diaries for Bannerlord and it can be seen that the whole graphic engine is changed. Probably they are working on Bannerlord more to make it huge on consoles.

Unfortunately, Yavuz told nothing more than this and preffered to zip his mouth to anything related to Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. It is still a thing, isn't it? Your beloved medieval RPG's sequel is approaching full in glory!

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Eromu1405d ago

Cool. Probably stick to the PC version though since Mods made the first game even more awesome.

Multiplatguy1405d ago

While I would love to play this on console with a controller, I hope they don't change much of what made the first ones special to me.

Mods is a very big part of this game, how will the console version fare without them.

Perjoss1405d ago

Game is still awesome even with no mods, it will do just fine on consoles.

Nekroo911405d ago

Not really , i have 200h on native and napoleonic wars but 650 with crpg mod.

Which is the best part of the game, because when you belong to a faction you need to follow every command and because of that you have 200 players fightning at the same time, with archers , infantary and calvary...everyone responding to their king orders

skulz71405d ago


Played Warband on PC and hoped that the series would one day come to consoles! So happy!!!!!!!!

wsoutlaw871405d ago

me too!! This was something i have been hoping for for a while but didnt think would actually happen.

ThanatosDMC1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

As long as i can Couched Lance somebody in the face, im good. Too bad i wont be able to use the

Ogygian1405d ago

Wait, Bannerlord is actually being released at some point? Incredible news.

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