Halo "Blue" Coming to 360 on September 30th

Thegamerscafe write: Joystiq has recieved a tip about Halo Blue being on the Wal-Mart internal internet known as "The Wire." The game is an M rated shooter and will be on the shelves September 30th. As far as we know this could be a new title or a rapackaged Halo 3 with bonus content. Now all we can do is wait and see if they announce anything about Halo Blue at E3.

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QueefyB3967d ago

wow what a horrible name i mean who calls there game halo

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QueefyB3967d ago

mr colbert dont worry you will only have to use this

Microsoft Secretary3966d ago

Sir, us here at microsoft are payed good money to use our weak and feeble corporate minds and create names for games we know will fall flat on their faces, once we release Halo Blue we are expecting a 0% rise in sales and would be happy to inform you we have little chance of survival in the video game and technology war. Good day sir.

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pwnsause3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

sounds like this could be the game that Kotaku is talking about. possibly a side story.

Polluted3967d ago

For release this year? There's no way MS or Bungie could have kept that under wraps this long. It's probably just going to be a repackaged Halo 3 with a few extras.

If it does end up being something more, that would be quite a coup for MS at E3.

Alvadr3967d ago

I agree, its hype that sells halo and there has been no hype, no nothing. Probably jsut a halo re-release with some addon content

HateBoy3967d ago

Its Halo, with a blue-ish hue surrounding everything.

Alternatively its the same game, only this time you're fighting the blue man group instead of covenant/flood.

USMCj3967d ago

20 bucks says its just gonna be a repack with all the DLC already on uit IE Cod4 game of the year edition.

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