3,000 stat padders wiped

DICE and EA are dealing with the problem

DICE and EA have wiped the stats of over 3,000 players of the recently released Battlefield: Bad Company on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console platforms.

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cp683968d ago

The online is provided by EA ONLINE, so it's entirely EA's fault. But hey, there's the EA logo on the box, so it's your fault to have purchased it. People must learn, after all that happened, that any game associated with Electronic Arts (whether developed or published) must be avoided at any cost.

GIJeff3968d ago

huh? so you're saying that EA is in the wrong for clearing stats on cheaters?

perseus3968d ago

Yeah...I'm not sure what you mean either.

Wipe cheaters' stats = good.

Polluted3968d ago

It's good that they're taking action. Popular online games almost always have these sort of issues at launch. I remember when Warhawk first came out, stat padders were killing flag bearers on their own team so they could bring the flag home and score for the points. Some minor adjusting to the penalty for team killing took care of that.
People will always find ways to cheat at online games for the sake of their e-weiners. Thankfully devs are usually pretty good about updating games or as EA has just done, wiping cheater's scores.

Fishy Fingers3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Obviously someone didnt take the time to read the article and discover those select few were targeted for cheating.

crematory3968d ago

look to the crapy server its been down 4 times in one week, mic drop,horrible lag,unbalanced weapons,cant reload while swimming nor running ,

perseus3968d ago

Right. Because the last time I was sprinting across a field it was easy to reload a magazine.

And the last time I swan through a river, I reloaded my M60 magazine REALLY easily.

Dumb ass.

Infernus3955d ago

Crematory, you can reload while sprinting you just hit reload first then sprint and you'll see the ammo return to full.

cp68 I disagree, Burnout and Command and Conquer are two of the best games EA have put out there along with Crysis and now Spore (Either developed or published like you said)

It's the sports titles and online where EA tend to have a big problem. I don't like the EA Sports games because the menus are usually clunky, there's loading in-game (like a substitution, it's a passive load whereby the camera switches to something to take your mind off the fact that it has to load it up). Then there's the online, in Bad Company we have lag issues I checked my connection and managed to play 2 or 3 matches in COD4 fine lag-free, so it's not me. fortunately often it's just the game I'm in, I just go into another and the lag drops.

EA have produced some great games, the C&C series is my favourite strategy series and EA have kept it going and stayed true to the original concepts. Burnout has always been awesome and Paradise is still improving. Crysis is the best looking game available, the multipalyer was lacking though and some people find the singleplayer to be a bit boring, but if you want eye candy Crysis has it.

I don't think all of EA's games are horrific, but certain sections of the company need to be sorted out, the EASports section especially! I'm looking forward to Spore though, one of the most original games in recent times, will be on that for a while.

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iistuii3968d ago

what your playing on, but ive no such lag, weapons are fine and have no problem that you cant reload while swimming or running, maybe you should play quake or unreal.

N2NOther3968d ago

The game is terrible. I just wish IW and Activision would do something about the modded controllers used in COD4.

waldopepper3968d ago

Yeh you can't reload whist swimming or running, then again this would be difficult to do real life so why expect to do this in a game? What ludricous thing can you complain about next? You can't repair a tank whilst flying a helicopter?

Never had any noticable lag - if you get frequently then I would check out your own broadband connection.

Was this smackdown for the glitch where support class can get tonnes of points from repairing upside down vehicles? I was in a match where every single person on my team had thousands and thousands of points despite me being the only one fighting the enemy!

crematory3968d ago

sir, the game has much lag issue, i am not the only one check bfbc site, us.ps3,bfbc .uk, and yes the weapons not balanced (ex.pistol can kill in 2 shoot, while m16 need 7shots!!!), AND WHAT ABOUT GRENADE LAUNCHER i think you hear about it, bugs in hit detection,

and regarding swimming and running i yes its true u cant swim and reload and aim but WHAT ABOUT RUNNING!!!

sorry for my english its not my native langauge

Infernus3955d ago

You can reload while running, well you reload and then sprint and while sprinting you'll reload. It's really that simple, takes a bit of thought to figure out what would work. "If you can't see the gun when sprinting maybe you can reload when you can see the gun and then start sprinting", that's all it took for me in the first 10 mins of playing the game lol.

As for swimming, how can a guy swim properly when he's using his hands to reload a weapon? You can't fire anyway so why on Earth would you need to worry about reloading? Reload before you take a dip.

The online is laggy sometimes, oddly I can hop out and then into another game and the lag is gone so maybe it's just dodgy servers?

muss12103968d ago

when i read this i laughed my pants off,ive played battlefield 2 on the PC for about 18 months and it was laughable that people could bump there stats up by sitting there for hours taking turns killin each other ooooooooooooooohh joy, in the mean time im workin my balls off trying to do it legit so im glad EA have done this. ive played on line and to me there is deffernetly bugs with the aiming,hit kill situation. again its laughable it is poor compaired to BF2 which is proberly the game ive played most on over the last 5 years. Bad company is hmmmmm ok i was looking foward to it but now im a bit disappointed. its like wanting action man and getting barbie for xmas.