‘The Witcher 3′ PAX East Demo Impressions | Analog Addiction

AA: "Last week was an incredibly busy week for the gaming industry with both GDC and PAX East occurring within the span of seven days. This led to a great deal of news, and a slew of videos, interviews, and demos. Analog Addiction was fortunate enough to attend PAX East this year and got the opportunity to spend some quality time playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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nucky642137d ago

damn, bloodborne followed by witcher3!'s as good as gaming can be in a 2 month period.

HammadTheBeast2137d ago

I know right? This is gonna be great.

starchild2137d ago

Yeah, I'm totally satisfied. This month I've got Ori and the Blind Forest and Bloodborne, next month Im getting GTA5 for the PC, in May I'm getting The Witcher 3, and in June I'm getting Batman Arkham Knight. I'm sure there will end up being more than that too.

nucky642137d ago

I don't have an x1 or I'd have ori right now - everything about it seems awesome to me!...if x1 gets a new gears; conker; banjo kazooie and L4D - i'll have an x1 for sure. I played gtav 15 months didn't play? - done with that. I'm not sure about AK - I liked the very first batman game but haven't had much interest since.
I am hoping that "everybodys gone to the rapture" or "the witness" (or both!) comes out sooner rather than later. i'll play hardline (for the campaign) at some point too. im also hoping to hear some news about hotshots golf soon - I'm dying to know more about the rumored course creator.

right now though - as I said, bloodborne and witcher3 are the big hitters for me.

Crummybear2137d ago

I swear between The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Batman Ak, and Metal Gear Solid, I don't know if I'll have time to even play anything else. This year is going to kick ass.

nucky642137d ago

yea, man - there are a LOT of games this year!

klarnet762137d ago

I am still enjoying DE Inqusition but damn cant wait to put my hands on wicher 3