Modders find way to install the PS4 2.50 Firmware, publish method for anyone to try

Modders at have disclosed a method that anyone can use to install PS4 firmware 2.50.

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GribbleGrunger2333d ago

I wouldn't recommend doing this. Apart from the fact it isn't the official release, what else could you be installing on your PS4 ...

Too risky.

Spotie2333d ago

And why not just wait?

Dessel2333d ago

"The technique below does not install anything harmless on your PS4, it points the console to the official (but hidden) PS4 2.50 file, hosted on Sony’s servers. This is the exact same file that Sony is sending to their beta testers."

Dee_912333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

what a bunch of wussies clearly states that the software is completely harmless.. What more of a conformation do you need?!
Let me try this...

Okay, umm, do anybody know if warranty is voided if I just so happened to installed illicit software that caused catastrophic failure and a small fire.. Just out of curiosity... Some one call 911.

AliTheSnake12332d ago

Why would anyone do this is beyond me.
Just wait for the official release.

neoandrew2332d ago

"what else could you be installing on your PS4"

Like... nothing?

Just think man, no one beside sony can make such software for ps4, there are literally no way someone can install somehow anything on your ps4, they can't even modify it, nor understand what is inside. The console is secure, any files digitally signed, rock solid and uncracked, a fortress.

Even game developers don't have that data, only sony knows how to make such updates, there is literally 0% chance they install something different on ps4, it is impossible for anyone to make something like this, so your argument is completely invalid - no one can install you a thing.

And it is official, it is official beta, if beta testers are risking, so could anyone else if they want.

Conzul2332d ago

I used a file off of wololo about 2 years ago to auto-root my Xperia Z phone. Worked fine......


hoju692332d ago

Executing unsigned code on the PS4 would open the floodgates to modding, pirating games, etc. Don't you think the hacker that achieved this would have told the world by now to boost his hacker cred? As it stands right now, nothing but official Sony approved code can run a consumer PS4 unit.

JD_Shadow2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

@hoju69: pirating, I would be against (not the same as peer to peer sharing, mind you).

MODDING a game in the way you can on a PC, though? Ehh...I think it could be worthy to at least consider that option (and Sony should look into making some official way to allow people the opportunity to do that). Modding can extend game life for single player games if you can manage the community effectively. Modding isn't inherently bad.

UltraNova2332d ago


If there's one thing I've learned in all my PC/internet years its that there's nothing, absolutely NOTHING that starts with a 'SOFT' and ends with a 'WARE' that cannot be hacked or manipulated.

neoandrew2332d ago


Then i'm happy that you have found it now - ps4 firmware, no one has the knowledge to modify it or make one beside sony.

UltraNova2332d ago


Hahahaha nice comeback my friend.

Yes they haven't found an exploit yet, but when a good hacker gets stubborn cyber-walls tend to fall.

Dont get me wrong I hate piracy as much as the next guy but I still stand by what I said, its just a matter of time really.

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Patrick_pk442333d ago

This. You can just apply for beta firmwares and try to get in that way instead of doing this.

ZombieKiller2333d ago

Yeah a bit of patience might save your PS4 from bricking, Sony from banning you from PSN, and any other disaster that might happen.

I would wait until it's released by Sony. Don't cut your nose off to spite your face.

Gamer19822332d ago

This is a workaround to install the file from official sony servers through a proxy nothing more. Its not even hard work. I remmeber this program people used to use it back in the early ps3 days to get free psn games only worked for a couple of months though and for a few games like super rub a dub lol. You could use it to goto to store pick download demo and the app would instead push the full game to your ps3. However Sony circumvented it with the activation feature instead of just having 2 installers a full and demo.

Macdaddy712332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I agree to much work, just use the one Sony release so something happens your good with sony,.. Leave my ps4 alone... If you want to make your online playing better n your system to do awesome things,.. Just do a update as I did.
Buy a Xbox One then you have the total package!!!!! Ps4 n X1 if them two consoles don't do what you want to do as gamer, then you need a computer so if you screw it up no1 to blame besides your self!!!!!! Lol...
Having both systems is the only way to go if your a true gamer!! Now if your just a so called gamer, that claims one better then the other. You are the type that just likes to bitch bout something....

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Applejack2333d ago

No thanks, I'll wait for an official release and reduce the risk of bricking my ps4.

Gamer19822332d ago

There is ZERO risk its an update from official Sony servers using a proxy.. You ever used a proxy before to get on a website your been blocked from?? Thats all this is.. However I would wait anyway as it will probably be released in a couple of weeks and be a lot less buggy.

Gwiz2333d ago


I strongly advise this.

MasterCornholio2333d ago


I dont want to brick my system with a user created modification.

elnacho2333d ago

Read the article, this is not a "user created modification". It's the official Sony 2.50 beta, you just have to point your PS4 to the right (hidden but official) location in order to download it.

This is where official beta testers download it from in the first place, directly from Sony's servers.

morganfell2333d ago

Have a read of common sense. When it isn't the final version it is a beta meaning all of the issues may not be resolved. You know, the sort of issues that brick systems.

elnacho2333d ago

@morganfell: I don't disagree but this was not my point. He said it was a "user created modification", which it is not. That was my only point.

Talk about common sense as much as you want, you should actually read and understand what I wrote before replying, this would prevent starting a fruitless discussion on a misunderstanding.

morganfell2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Common sense in my remark is undeniable. There are countless issues often present in prerelease builds. Some of these are often present for a reason to provide feedback data but these builds require the system be operated within certain parameters not common to the standard user. Improper understanding of these builds can brick a system. That is common sense.

GreenRanger2333d ago

There'll be a security update next week, then.