Resident Evil Revelations 2- Episode 1: Penal Colony Review | Throwing Digital Sheep

By means of the first episode's story-arc alone, Resident Evil Revelations 2 might seem to have it's hooks in. Yet in every other respect, it comes off as a rather mediocre offering of momentous albeit engaging thrills that distracts and disappoints.

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Smokingunz1496d ago

I think the reason why the graphics look likkle that is because mabye it was originally a ps3 game and or ma ye it should've been on the 3ds lol

Why isnt this game on The handhelds

ThrowingDigitalSheep1496d ago

And that's exactly the basis for my frustration. It seems like all that next-gen, more specifically the PS4, is getting are low-budget games with only part of them done right.
The other big-budget games are commonly all flash and no show. Yet. It's disappointing given the amount of potential the systems have.

fitfox1496d ago

Great job on just now reviewing episode one, lets all give this site a round of applause...crickets chirping.. chirping.. No? ok.

ThrowingDigitalSheep1496d ago

We aren't IGN to get our hands on games pre-release for purposes of reviewing. Yet.
And besides,you may not quite believe it but there was a communication error between us and Capcom causing the delay. Hold 'em horses, the other episode reviews are coming. And there are always people who haven't jumped into the episodes yet aren't there?