PS Vita Future Looks Bleak, Is The 3DS To Blame?

Looking back at the PSP, we see a handheld console that had immense success around the world and at times was the most successful game system overall. The PS Vita is the successor to the PSP and it has not seen nearly as many sales, with some people claiming that the Vita is dead.
The Vita's sales are unlikely to ever turn around, but the handheld console isn't dead, it's just unable to become popular due to its own issues and the existence of the Nintendo 3DS.

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Snookies121370d ago

Nah, it's the fact that for some reason gamers just didn't want a powerful handheld console. Combined with the fact that Sony started dropping support because of the lack of sales. It was a domino effect, and it was really sad to see. The Vita had so much potential, I don't know what happened. It's a dang shame, it was disappointing as a gamer to see it going downhill. Thank goodness for Japanese developers. Without them, the Vita wouldn't be getting anything.

zeal0us1370d ago

Well also mobile/smartphones and tablets could be to blame. More kids are demanding those things and are playing their games on these devices. Sure the Vita got exclusive but exclusives don't matter to some adolescences and teens.

mikeslemonade1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Nope, because 3DS pales in comparison to the DS in terms of sales. The handheld consoles are fading because you idiots keep supporting them tablet and smartphone games.

You "gamers" decide the industry with the way you vote with your dollars.

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Takwin1370d ago

Problems (in order):

1. Lack of exclusives and Sony support
2. Ridiculous proprietary memory cost
3. mobile ubiquity
4. Nintendo exclusives and success

We have a PS4, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, 3 PCs, 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, and a bunch of other tech in our house - and my daughter saw the Vita at Best Buy last night when we activated our Gamers Unlocked for $30 (which is stupid NOT to get now), and SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS. This is an 8-year girl who knows release dates for games, watches Let's Play videos and Twitch, and plays every day.

Vipre771369d ago

Couldn't agree more. It also hurts the image of the system when you walk into any retailer other than Gamestop and see at most 12-15 titles on the shelf in the Vita section, if there even IS a Vita section anymore. And of those, there's a good chance that a good portion of those are still launch titles. The Walmart stores near me don't even stock Vita anymore and some, but not all, of the Target stores around here have stopped carrying it also. Go over to the 3DS section and there's gotta be 100 titles on the shelf over there if not more. If you're a non-gamer looking to buy a gift for someone, which would you choose?

Advertising for Vita has been virtually non-existent for at least a year.

Of the few well-known and loved franchises that have made it over to Vita, they've been made by different studios from those that made the main games in the series and quality has suffered for it most of the time. Gamers notice this stuff.

Big developers dumped support early, notably EA and I think Ubisoft, too. Other studios take note when that kind of thing happens.

Summons751370d ago

What good is "Powerful hardware" if you have no games that tap into that power? The Vita had the same problem the PSP had, there was no dedicated franchise that you could only get on the it. There was no reason to own it. Good hardware doesn't mean good specs, good hardware is determined by it's library. On the 3DS you HAVE Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, Yoshi's Island, and many other titles you can't find on a home system. The Vita's only games that were exclusive were Tearaway and Gravity Rush, other then that you have an mediocre Uncharted Spinoff, average Killzone and Resistance spin offs, a very poor port of Borderlands 2, and a reselling of a Ps2 game then all the indies. If i'm buying a handheld it's because I want an experience I can't find on my home console. If I want to play Uncharted I'll go play U2 on my Ps3 or Killzone 3/Shadowfall or Resistance 3.

On top of all that we had very poor marketing for the Vita, features like the Ps1 games that we should of had at launch we got like 6 months later. The ability to remote play any Ps3 game was completely absent. There was no sign of the MGS game they showed. The memory card prices were ridiculous. The two skus confused people and people didn't want another cellphone plan on top of what they already have.

3 years later they finally resolved some of the issues but it is far too little too late. Which is sad because I enjoyed the Vita when it had some life in it. But devs have lost interest in it, the only marketing Sony will talk about is PS4 remote play features which are average at best, and then we have one worth while exclusive franchise ( Freedom Wars) while Gravity Rush will never see a sequel and Tearaway was lost to the Ps4. Retail stores have little to no interest having either everything on clearance or they don't carry anything Vita.

Sayai jin1369d ago

The biggest issue that caused this was the lack of support. Too bad, it has great potential.

Spotie1369d ago

The lack of support came AFTER the low adoption. Out of the gate, there was lots of support, and yet it was as if people were afraid of it. The Vita was pretty much everything a core gamer could have asked for in a handheld, but core gamers didn't adopt it. After a while, wouldn't any company stop givng so much support for something no one seems to want, no matter how good they think the product is?

Sayai jin1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I did not state that the support stopped after or before the low adoption rate. Not sure why you mentioned that an do followed up with a question. I am answering the question in the article.

It did not sell well, but that does not mean gamers were 'scared' of it. Even though it's a solid handheld, the masses just do not want it. Lack of support of AAA games, over priced Sony SD cards, etc. did not help either.

rainslacker1369d ago

Sony supported the system pretty well in it's first year or so, and had some decent 3rd party support. People just kept saying, "It has no games". Then now it has no support, because of lack of sales, people act like it's only natural that it didn't sell because it didn't have games, even though it did have games.

Don't get me wrong, Sony should have done better at that support instead of focusing everything into PS4 and even the PS3,particularly the marketing.

The Vita has become a niche Japanese game player's dream, but unless Sony does something drastic that's all it will ever achieve. Heck, the Playstation TV couldn't even do much for the Vita brand, despite selling well. What's funny is that games actually do sell on the Vita, yet publishers still mostly neglect it.

Jazz41081369d ago

I thought the ps move was the successor. Where does that fit in?

3-4-51369d ago

3DS to blame?

Yea don't blame the company actually in charge of said device.....blame another company who has no control over said device.

The delusional thoughts of a journalist who can't out his own favorite company, so he blames Nintendo.

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DigitalRaptor1370d ago

3DS? No.

The intentions when designing the Vita were good. Sony just has not dedicated enough of their first-party resources to make games that people will buy the system for, which would then spur on third-party developers to make games for it.

I remember getting super excited when Ken Levine announced that a BioShock game would be coming to Vita. That would have been an absolutely killer app. It gets tons and tons of fabulous games, particularly indie games like Hotline Miami, but I think the time has passed where the AAA devs could have made a stronger impression.

nodim1370d ago

Existence of 3ds clearly has nothing to do with vita's problems. And psp stance has never been as bright and obvious as these guys imply but oh well, who cares anymore.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Nope it all Sony. They aren't doing anything. They just letting Japanese third parties keep their own system afloat..... nah Vita doesn't belong to Sony. It has been adopted.

IrisHeart1369d ago

This is sadly true. On the upside I'm enjoying what the third parties are bringing to the table.

ritsuka6661369d ago

Sony are noobs with portable games. So no suprise here.

etownone1370d ago

There are a lot of factors to blame.

Sony memory cards
Lack of support for true AAA games

And althoughtl they fixed most of the problems... Too little to late. Most developers have abandoned the Vita.

But, it's saving grave lately... Ps4 streaming, and PSNOW. it's awesome. It really is.

RyanDJ1370d ago

Despite the constant negative flak, I still plan on buying one this week after the tax return comes in. Portable classic games and off screen streaming are worth it alone to me, cross-buys with some PS4 and 3 games I own are just gravy. Yes, the system could have had more potential, but I feel it's still a solid device.

Phoenix761370d ago

Also, if you have 2 accounts on your ps4, you can use PSV as a second controller for 2p games. Simply start remoteplay first, then once game is loaded, press the PS button on main controller and load 2nd account. Me and my daughter do this for the Lego games and it works great.

HentaiMasterRace1369d ago

It gets no western support but it does get Japanese third party support.

ZeroX98761369d ago

Losing the Monster Hunter series to Nintendo was a big loss. This series was the reason why many of my friends had a PSP.

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