PSN's Best-Selling Games For February Revealed

This weekend Sony revealed the sales charts for PSN in February. Both PS4 and PS3 sales were topped by games that weren't new releases.

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just_looken1500d ago

so many games on that list are one hit wonders also look at the ps3 addons dam enough call of duty all ready.

freshslicepizza1500d ago

the order didn't seem to generate a major success sony was likely hoping for. good to see dying light up there, very fun game.

bleedsoe9mm1500d ago

4 th on digital and 9th on npd , might not see a sequel with ready at dawn

objdadon1500d ago

It generated enough for a sequel for sure. It was a pleasant break away from the norm in my opinion. I'd kill to have the order multiplayer!

maniacmayhem1500d ago

I think the word got out on how the game was nothing more than pretty graphics.

I doubt it will stop [email protected] from making a sequel. If anything it should light a fire under them to improve on the many things that was wrong with the game.

Subaruwrx1500d ago

The Order released on Feb 20 - its sales numbers are for 8 days not the whole month.

MysticStrummer1500d ago

"The Order released on Feb 20 - its sales numbers are for 8 days not the whole month."

Yup. People keep forgetting (or ignoring) that simple fact.

Spotie1499d ago

You guys try so damn hard.

You ignore how these are ONLY digital sales.

You ignore how it's only a few days' worth of sales.

Essentially, you're trying to promote the narrative that the game sucks, so you twist these numbers any way you can. It's pathetic.

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just_looken1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Oh all the disagrees i guess people enjoy there games they pay $60-$80 for play 1-3 days then never touch them again.

Dying Light
The Order: 1886
Life is Strange Episode 1
Resident Evil
Rayman Legends
call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Need for Speed Most Wanted

All games on the list that if your not a casual or sheep you know they offer little to 0 replayability.

You pick them up play them for a couple days or finish them then never touch them for months later.

Except cod that can have a 1hr single player involving you throwing rocks at people and have well cod online most causal friendly online available but still get 50 awards.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1499d ago

Your OPINION is duly noted...

Whether or not a game has replay value is a completely subjective matter that varies from person to person. When I finish trophy hunting with Dynasty Warriors 8 empires, i'm going trophy hunting with The Order and Dying Light. It's been difficult for me to play games and go back to them for trophies because of the backlog that I have. Damn you PlayStation!!!!!

DragoonsScaleLegends1500d ago

I see everyone is feeding Activisions greed with their COD DLC. But what can I say I bought it too.

LAWSON721500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I am interested in seeing some digital sale numbers. I am curious how much people have shifted on the new gen.

Malice-Flare1500d ago

well, look at it this way. since Sony owns The Order: 1886, that may mean that Sony got a lot more more here than at retail where the sale is split between them an the retailer...

especially if the statistic is true that 63% of digital buyers buy on PSN...

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