Project Origin vs Dead Space - Trial By Video

One of the hottest titles coming into E3 has been Dead Space, but the trailer has done little to promote the title. With fierce competition in the survival horror genre, particularly from Project Origin, these trailers may decide the success of the titles. From first impressions, Dead Space comes off a distant second.

After recruiting a professional Hollywood Director to put the clip together and impressive showings in sneak peeks to date, there has been an expectation that the official trailer would combine the best of the gameplay and story elements. Instead, we have a cliche ridden video showing less than next generation graphics and nothing of the story. For any fan of the horror genre, there is nothing that says hack-job like a fast zoom in on a screaming zombie like face, which is the exact opposite of the tense gameplay we have been expecting so far from Dead Space. The more we hear about Dead Space, the more is sounds like a fast paced FPS.

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