Bloodborne Screenshots and Pictures Appear Online;Early Players Talk Duration, Weapons & Much More

As pretty much every relevant game in the past years, Bloodborne is already out in the wild, and early owners are starting to comment and post interesting stuff online.


Updated with more screenshots.

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jobboy2324d ago

"Frame rate wise, its been a solid 30 fps so far"....kind of words i want to hear!!
Can't wait to play it !!

SpinalRemains1382324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Same here! Sweet stuff.

Blighttown was just that. A blight on an otherwise stellar ass game!

The way the previous games played, with movement timing being paramount for survival, even the slightest of frame hiccups resulted in a tragic death.

So amped for this game!!! Screens looks sweet as hell too.

I'm really looking forward to entering a fog, w/o knowing if the other side is more board, or a giant boss wielding a hammer or something. Its the anticipation and mental aspect of uncertainty which lends itself to the game's appeal. The Souls game, and presumably this game, are a an emotional ride ending with our brain's reward center being flooded with chemicals!!

Drugs are bad.......From Software is good.....mmmmkaaaay!

Blastoise2324d ago

"I'm really looking forward to entering a fog, w/o knowing if the other side is more board, or a giant boss wielding a hammer or something"

Good luck with that :P

In Bloodborne the fog appears behind you now once you've triggered a boss fight. In short, we're all screwed.

Swiggins2324d ago

If that's true, that's the best news about Bloodborne I've heard, that's awesome.

"Oh I wonder where the boss is, I guess I'll go over here and explore so I can be better prepar*hears loud crash behind me followed by a health bar appearing*[email protected]%*&!!!" ;

Forn2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Seriously, Bloodborne was already my most anticipated game this year, but every bit of info that releases on it is getting me so excited that I feel it will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Could easily become my GOTG so far, and perhaps even for quite a long while if not forever. Just a little over a week left... The wait is INSANE...

chrismichaels042324d ago

I was hooked on the original Demons Soul (beat it on New Game ++ mode). I cant wait to get into Bloodborne. Definitely another solid addition to the PS4 exclusive library this month along with HellDivers and MLB15 The Show.

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UKmilitia2324d ago

did they hit 1080p?i know 30fps and 1080p was goal.
cant wait for this game but im annoyed people have it so early.

UKmilitia2323d ago

thanks italian gamer,why have i got disagrees lol.
i wish i had a virtual shotgun and it listed who disagreed with you.

antikbaka2324d ago ShowReplies(3)
imt5582324d ago

"45 hours"

Just like DkS1 and DkS2 and DS.

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masterfox2324d ago

"The game is too long and makes me feel fat " 3/10 -Gamespot

SpinalRemains1382324d ago


"As a Christian gamer, I found all the elements of the supernatural occult to be offensive, and the blood was ad nauseum."


JWiLL5522324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

IGN is more likely

"Too much blood - 6/10"

Edit: LOL I see someone already made this exact comment below.

UltraNova2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I've always wondered why major sites like IGN conveniently ignore that Mature rating in such titles, engage sissy-tabloid scandal mode and focus where they need not too...

Oh wait make a fuss out of nothing = more clicks.

Big sites my ass..

MasterCornholio2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )


- We were not able to play the game our console-



SpinalRemains1382324d ago

Bubble!!!!! Dude I'm at the bar and everyone just stared at me because I laughed loud and abruptly at that!

MasterCornholio2324d ago

Dang it.

- We were not able to play the game ON our console-

That's what it should have said.

Anyways thank you for the bubble.


El_Assenso2324d ago

Laughed out load on the train.....getting weird stares from people!

DragonKnight2324d ago

Nah man, Polygon would be more like.

-We couldn't play the game on our console, but it wouldn't matter because we wouldn't want to anyway since this game reinforces Patriarchy and Homophobia.

10 "Big Red" STFU out of 10

Muzikguy2324d ago

+1 that was awesome @MasterCorn

DigitalRaptor2323d ago

DUDE, I have not laughed out loud at a comment on here for quite some time. That was hilarious.

Funny bubble for you!

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El_Assenso2324d ago

Hahahaha! I wouldn't be surprised to see some reviewers say that. We might even get a few "Its too hard!"

ziggurcat2324d ago

considering it's been said that it's his most challenging game to date, there's no doubt going to be some "it's too hard" complaints from reviewers.

SpinalRemains1382324d ago

Oh absolutely.

Demons Souls had a few of those.

Gaming is so diluted and weak nowadays that games are actually criticized for being difficult.

How awful and backwards is that? Everyone has to be a winner? No they don't! Earn the victory!

GiggMan2324d ago

Nah I doudt we will see too many of those due to their pride. Reviwers don't want their flock whom they make decisions for to lose faith in them as "true" gamers... They will never admit if it' too hard, they'll just find another way to say it sucks to save face lol.

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menghina2324d ago

Can't wait to get it :D , going to play it co-op !

andibandit2324d ago

You do know its not your typical , invite your friend and play the game from start to finish right?

JMaine5182324d ago

Been reading so many impressions of this game and ive been hearing nothing but great things! Im going to spend so many hours mastering this game. I can't wait

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