Mortal Kombat X videos: seven minutes of gameplay, Johnny Cage variations

Mortal Kombat X developers Netherrealm Studios hosted another livestream for the fighter last night, providing fans with a look at Johnny Cage, his variations and Story Mode.

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Monstar1499d ago

why do the graphics look like shit?

r1sh121499d ago

yeah lool!
Must just be a low res recording I reckon, but back on topic.
A lot of people were complaining about the QTE's, this is a much better way to use them I think, they dont dominate the gameplay, they are used in cut scene which probably leads to a fight following the cut scene.

(Unlike 1886)

jay21499d ago

@Monstar cause its on the xbox one, the weaker hardware. OMG hate QTE's with a passon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan501499d ago

Good thing I don't play Mortal Kombat for the story.