Uncharted 3 and TLOU Sound Designer Officially Moves to Naughty Dog; Working on Uncharted 4

Sony Computer Entertainment has many artists and designers working as part of the SCEA Product Development Services Group, working on many projects across the PlayStation portfolio.

One of those was Robert Krekel, who worked on many classics like The Last of Us (including the remastered version and the DLC), Uncharted 3, Starhawk and Twisted Metal.

As of Tuesday, Krekel will be officially moving to Naughty Dog as a Senior Sound Designer.

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Rimeskeem1497d ago

Sweet, the sound in TLOU was fantastic.

jmd7491497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

ND Announce TLOU2 already!!! :)

James-GAMES1497d ago

Everything about the TLOU was fantastic lol

miyamoto1497d ago

The great game developer just became greater!

zsquaresoff1497d ago

Sound effects in the last of us is incredible, especially the sound the "clickers"make. Genuinely scray.

ManiacMansion1497d ago

It. would be better for the series if the heads of ND would come bach:

Uncharted4 Director John Richmond, lead story writer Amy Henning. (working on Tomb Raider now), Lead Artist Nate Well, and lead character artist Martin knowland.

Its not good that the main heads which worked on the uc seriece from the beginning left the company.

Kane221497d ago

amy is working for EA. also amy was the main person behind uncharted 3 and to me. it wasn't as good story wise.

thanhgee1497d ago

Nearly all your info is false..

majiebeast1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Let me correct some things.

Justin Richmond UC3 director is now at Riot games.
Amy Hennig creative director of all 3 Uncharted games is now at Visceral games making a Star Wars game.
Nate wells who barely stayed 6 months at Naughty Dog is now at Crystal Dynamics.
Micheal Knowland now works at Avalanche.

Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann are definitely the best 2 directors Naughty Dog has ever had.

Pitch_Blanck1497d ago

Naughty Dog...that beast needs to be fed!