First-party software leads Wii sales in Japan

Enterbrain has revealed software sales figures for the Nintendo Wii in Japan, with first-party developed titles leading the pack on the first weekend of release.

Wii Sports was the best-selling game, racking up sales of 176,880 units, with Wii Play reaching 171,888 units.

Fan-favourite The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the third best-selling game, shifting 145,068 copies, way ahead of the number four game, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, which reached 63,086 sales.

Tecmo's Super Swing Golf was the only third-party title in the top five, selling 12,673 copies, while Ubisoft's Red Steel, a title receiving a lot of press in the US and Europe, sold just under 9000 units to become the eighth most popular launch game.

The software tie-in ratio for the home console stands at 1.69, with Enterbrain reporting over 372,000 Wii's were sold over the first weekend in the region.

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DC RID3R4336d ago

and so it starts!

if this is any inclination of japanese game sales, SONY'S DEAD!!!

u gotta > it

ChickeyCantor4336d ago

the biggest thing i really dont like from this website is, ppl "agree" or "disagree" without saying why......

sony is indeed dead if it keeps going like this