Hardcore Gamer: Mercenaries 2 preview

Mercenaries are like parasites. Dirty work was, is and always will be their calling. Show a mercenary a peaceful world without war and nuclear weapons and he'll probably burst into tears. Show him a war-torn globe with factions competing for oil and body counts and he'd probably hug you if he weren't so busy making money by producing explosions and corpses.

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Kal8533968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Every time I read about this game I get more and more eager to play it. There first one was pretty good.

PoSTedUP3968d ago

first one was awesome, but do the explosions seem good for this gen? they didnt really shock me for being a game all about blowing sh*t up. i still cant wait for it, happy E3! 1luv and god bless.