The day for some Square Enix News and Surprises

This E3 2008 will start from 14th to the 17th of july with two big conferences from Sony and Square Enix. This year the show is back to the Los Angeles Convetion Center, and we expect for some good news for the Line-UP UNSEEN game like FINAL FANTASY XIII and Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep.

This sleeping around greatest Title from Square-Enix will indicate some surprising announcement like a remake of FF VII ? We sincerly hope, but We don't know.
Just Follow the link !

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eagle214576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Goosebumps baby! .... :P

Quote: "Four big games can have great chance to be revealed via this conference, are:

- Final Fantasy XIII on PlayStation 3
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 3
- Dissidia: Final Fantasy on Portable PlayStation
- Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on PSP"

RPG Heaven. :P

Surfman4576d ago

lol yeah, i like the hear Sony and SquareEnix in the same sentence ;)

Bloodwar4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

At E3 yesterday, Xbox 360 gets to announce first that Final Fantasy XIII is coming out on its console. I'm the one getting goosebumps. lol

Of course more than likely, PS3 gets the game first, but MS was able to offically announce it first. hehe

AND we get Infinite Undiscovery exclusively, Star Ocean:The Last Hope timed exclusivity and then a shared experience with the PS3 fanbase regarding The Last Remnant. All games from Square Enix. Its sweet being a gamer. With the competition being as strong as it is, its a win win if you own an Xbox 360 or a PS3. And this fall, we 360 owners get our own "Home" like experience. We get our Avatars. If you don't believe me, check out MS's E3 conference. Sweet.

4576d ago
UnSelf4576d ago

What time does E3 air on G4?

kingme714576d ago

I believe on Monday it starts at 1pm EST and then the other days the times vary. I'm sure on Monday's shows they will mention the schedule a number of times.

I've got my TiVo set to record it all :)

Dream Machine4576d ago

Is this news speculation or is it official at all? I don't wanna get my hopes up again. Bah, Square-Enix will probably just closed-mega theater it anyway. They really need to hire a new marketing department.

eagle214576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Square is having their own conference (probably private). The article did confirm what is confirmed to be at Square's conference.

zslash4576d ago

Speculation. Square Enix already announced the list of titles it is showing at E3.

PirateThom4576d ago

A new expansion for Final Fantasy XI maybe...

eagle214576d ago

"Only on PLAYSTATION 3". They said no Final Fantasy titles will be released on 360 aside from XI in June 2007. :)

Get over that .....

On wikipedia:

"On June 19, a Square Enix Representative confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII would be appearing at E3 2008. The representative also suggested that a release date may be announced during 2008 [26]."

Aclay4576d ago

Another Final Fantasy game aside from XI on the Xbox 360 will only be possible in your dreams, so dream on.

Final Fantasy XIII will require more power than what the entire 360 is even capable of. Just 3 measely cores in the 360 just doesn't cut it.

If MGS4 filled up a 50GB Dual-layer Blu-ray, I can't even imagine how big FFXIII will be and a 360 version of FFXIII would probably come on like, 10 DVD-9's for Christs sake and would be so downscaled it would be just plain embarrassing for the 360.

TwissT4576d ago

Wow, no one can tell a joke from a serious statement anymore.

bushfan4576d ago

If FF XIII shows itself in's gonna be in the square-enix private show...FF dissidia maybe could be at E3 in a demo or cinematic + gameplay videos....but FF XIII I don't think so

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The story is too old to be commented.