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Jon of RGN writes, "An impactful journey begins with a heart-wrenching narrative in which the cycle of life and death are prevailing themes. Players discover more about how to play as this cycle becomes better understood. Each part of the environment, which may at first seem unapproachable, ends up serving its own purpose in this nearly perfect ecosystem of gameplay design. From a team of developers called Moon Studios collaborating across the world (with members in Israel, United States, Australia, and more) and thanks to the blessing of high speed internet telecommuting, Ori and the Blind Forest lands on the Xbox ONE and Windows PC (via Steam) gracefully showing off Microsoft's ability to spot a diamond in the rough and propel beautiful visions to the spotlight."

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SpaceRanger1502d ago

This game looks amazing and seems like it plays great from what I've seen! I don't have an Xbox one, but it's definitely a game I'd very much consider getting right away if and when I buy one.

Overall, it's great to see indie games score so high on reviews and do so well with those who play it. That's how all great games start. Small...make a lasting impression...develope into a bigger game!

Hitman07691502d ago

This is also available on Windows PC and coming some time this year to Xbox 360. Thank you for checking out my Review. Have an excellent weekend.

TheJacksonRGN1502d ago

It does look extremely entertaining.

GMR_PR1501d ago

The game is beutiful and extremely dificult. If you cuys are up for a challenge I would highly recommend it.

ninsigma1501d ago

If you have a PC or laptop you might be able to run it. Great game that provides quite a challenge. So far one of my best games this generation

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dreamed1501d ago ShowReplies(2)
mixelon1501d ago

Holy crap! I'd not seen it in motion before.. Just watched the trailer.

What a beautiful, smooth looking game! I'll get it on Windows. I can totally see why it's getting the high scores.

StrayaKNT1501d ago

It is honestly one of a kind. I give it a 11/10

Automatic791501d ago

Playing the game now love it.

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