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Joseph Dwan writes: One of the few games at EGX Rezzed I had heard of before the list of attendees was announced was RPG Tycoon. I love indirect adventuring: the Final Fantasy spinoff “My Life As A King” introduced me to the small niche genre, and Recettear is one of the more recent examples, if you were to take out the areas controlling the adventurer. RPG Tycoon takes these ideas and fleshes them out into a kingdom-building simulator.

The main focus of the game is to hire adventurers to represent your kingdom, and send them out on quests. The adventurers will return with loot, gold, and renown for your kingdom. Using this, you can expand your kingdom or upgrade your adventurers, then the cycle continues. The build I played had all of these mechanics set and available, they’re the groundwork of the game.

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