Throwdown Ep. 26 – “Hypersexualized”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"At the beginning of the week, Polygon Reviews Editor Arthur Gies and Frogdice CEO Michael Hartman got into a debate on Twitter about “hypersexualized” characters in video games. This inspired our main topic which is about a developer’s right of artistic expression. When is it justified to tell a developer how they should create their games? Should a developer sacrifice their artistic vision so as to not offend anyone?

Other topics include: Uncharted 4's delay, Titanfall coming to PS4, and February's NPD numbers."

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SwiffEpics1500d ago

Developers should be free to create the characters however they envision them.

PeaSFor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

exactly, if the SJWs and the professional victims want to have games like they want to see, THEN THEY JUST HAVE TO DO THEIR OWN GAMES and leave the rest of the world do what they envision.

hazelamy1500d ago

funny how it's different when the developers create a gay character though.

then "it has no place in gaming"

annoyedgamer1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Nice job trying to steer off topic but I will take the bait.

I never heard that, we do get upset when they flaunt it about and "journalists" right 50 articles a day spamming the feed about it whining that nobody liked it. The Witcher has had homosexual characters since forever and nobody cared.

spicelicka1499d ago

Well no one's stopping them. But gamers are also free to criticize it if they feel it's being forced down their throats and doesn't add to the game.

Badonkadonk1500d ago

"When is it justified to tell a developer how they should create their games?"

Never. The end.

Godmars2901500d ago

I think those who have complained about the Order 1866 and Titanfall would disagree, but then those are mechanical issues.

LightDiego1500d ago

I prefer anyday, anytime, developers who create awesome games like Dragon's Crown than these SJW journalists of Polygon, Gamespot, Kotaku trying to censor games. These shitty sites should disappear.