Top 10 Exclusives We'd Steal For the 360 @ E3 '08 (XboxOZ360)

Here at XboxOZ we're gamers first. And so when we see a great exclusive on another platform we can't help but notice. However, our preference for gaming happens to be the 360, so we've devised a list of the exclusive titles we'd most like to see come across to our platform of choice at E3 '08.

So in the spirit of a bit fun and a lot of wishful thinking, here are our picks for the exclusives on the Wii, PS3 and PC that we'd most like to see magically announced for the 360 at this year's E3.

With a hope and a prayer, please forgive us in advance...

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Relcom3966d ago

I can't wait for their top ten list of XboxOz's top ten lists list.

gaminoz3966d ago

Seems to me that E3 is at the the top of the top 10 times to do top 10 lists for the top 10 game websites as well! So the site is in good company.

E3 is about projecting into the future and getting excited about games and with the downgrading of E3 these sorts of lists get me more excited and remind me there are some great games that we might find out more about. I hope we get Wolfenstein details! An open world Wolfenstein...interesting....

leeeeed3966d ago

Coming soon - our Top #10 countdown of our top 10 E3 Top 10 listings for the last 10 years.

We COULD just regurgitate the same old news that EVERY OTHER site is posting or, we could do something different and actually write something based on our opinions, not just an itinerary. But tha=nks all the same ;)

Seriously, I'm sick of the same old same old, I'm 100% behind the site as doing something different than the rest! :)

Superfragilistic3966d ago

I think it's their third (I submitted them! lol).

But I don't get what the fuss is about. At least they write at length to explain their lists and show a lot of respect for other platforms.

Much better than that Game Daily and Ripten bulletpoint crap we get every week! lol

Hydrolex3966d ago

10 games that 360 fans can only dream about or wish.

LOL Uncharted is made by Sony Ahahah losers.

MGS4 ???? Do you want to play MGS4 with 6 DVDs? Can they fit snake's mustach in Dvd 9?

Superfragilistic3966d ago

You're right, but that's the entire point of the article. Their praising games on other platforms and admitting their own wishful thinking. The only difference between them and you is that they're infinitely more mature and civil in their ability to praise games on other platforms

Before calling them "losers" did you actually read the remarkably mature praise they gave Uncharted despite in being on another system?

Just in case you didn't here's what XboxOZ360 wrote:

"This was quite simply the best game on the PS3 until MGS4 turned up. But we want it more because it was a refreshingly new IP that reinvented Tomb Raider and added Gears of War’s combat system to boot. It also happened to look damn pretty and was a rollicking fun yarn!

But unless Naughty Dog pulls a Bungie anytime soon and leaves what by all accounts is a very happy relationship with Sony, we think that the other PS3 exclusive above has a far better chance. In the meantime we’ll just have to wait for the return of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Underworld and hope it learns from Naughty Dog’s superlative entry into the action-adventure genre."

BkaY3966d ago

"MGS4 ???? Do you want to play MGS4 with 6 DVDs? Can they fit snake's mustach in Dvd 9?"

man how did you come up with stuff like that...

first laugh of the day.......... bubbles mate..

jmalc3966d ago

There's really no need to be childish about it, but it does stir some odd feelings of jealousy.

Writing about bringing MGS, Uncharted, GoW3, FF, and LBP to the 360 evoke emotions as if they were ogling my girlfriend. I must be sinking into fanboydom.

Avto3966d ago

If they want all of this games why on earth did they buy X360, I mean PS3 or PC would have been a better choice. It's not that you had to make MGS4 6 DVDs you would have to get rid of HDR and still have installs. GOW was desperate, you see Bungie created Halo, MS bought Bungie, GOW was created by Sony. And Uncharted even, if Naughty Dog was not Sony subsidiary the IP belongs to Sony. FFXIII is another good one, all the crew who are working on it say PS3 is the best and a game this big costs to much to develop, porting it is not an option making a new one is to pricey

TVC153965d ago

XBOX 360 has Too Human!!!!!!


MGS4 is not #1
cool they put spore and diablo 3 on the list but
all the other PS3 exclusives are not as NEEDED as MGS4.

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Meus Renaissance3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

This is a waste of bandwidth

gaminoz3966d ago

I'm sure the PS3 would like some Microsoft games too. My ideal would be only to have to buy one console to get all the good games....since that isn't possible I've had to pay too much getting both PS3 and 360!

Still without competition we might not have some of these gems that are exclusive....

Superfragilistic3966d ago

Who made the wholly ironic statement:

"This is a waste of bandwidth"

No kidding. With a comment like that how could it possibly contribute anything?


I'm guessing you're staff at the site by that comment, so check out my lower comment, cause I'm a big fan and I think you deserve the kudos for trying something a little different that despite some people's concerns is quite clearly tongue in cheek! HECK - it's even in the freaking description "So in the spirit of a bit fun and a lot of wishful thinking". lol

chidj23966d ago

i reported this as lame

Superfragilistic3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Why? It's essentially an article that's taking the gentle mickey out of itself and acknowledging how great games are on other platforms.

I think that's pretty cool actually, and more N4G users could learn from these guys. Check out their reviews and they gave MGS4 their highest ever score of 9.9/10, despite being a 360 site!

Big kudos from me. :)

gaminoz3966d ago

A bit of fun never hurt anyone. Haven't you ever wished a cool game from another console (or PC for that matter) gets released on your console of choice? I have a PSP and lately all cool games (bar God of War) are going to DS. So I always wish that some more games were on PSP.

Some Sony site should have fun and do a Top 10 360 games they would like on the PS3. I'm sure there would be plenty if people were honest.

Hunter863966d ago

SSBB with LIVE would be so good. Of course an impossibility, but I can dream. Good article.

buckethead_X3965d ago

It would be good for PSN too. They could translate the achievement-like things into achievements or trophies, too. You can already use voice chat by connecting your ps3 or 360 to the tv,joining a chat or COD4 (there's someway to talk to multiple people) and then plugging to wii into the video jack and leaving the ps3 or 360's plug in the audio jack. You probably knew that though, because it was an article on this site a month or two ago involving mario kart. (^-^)--b

Angelitos3966d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, we dont want any of our exclusives running on yor sh!tty hardware.

Poor Xbots

Shroomy3966d ago

Poor Angelitos! Have a bubble! :D

FantasyStar3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Fanboy for the sake of it. That's good humor! Gave ya a bubble.

Microsoft_Spokesman3966d ago

Yes, we admit it, we do want MGS4 and GoW3.

sunnygrg3966d ago

Likewise, one 360 game I would want to see on my PS3: Mass Effect.

UNCyrus3965d ago

mass effect is a SWEET game.... if there was one exclusive from 360 i'd like to play, it's that.... i completely agree.... RPG shooter.... right up my alley

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