Xbox One Easier To Program But PS4 Seems More Powerful - White Night Dev

OSome Studio's Mathieu Fremont also confirms that a Wii U version is not happening.

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Hellsvacancy2094d ago

Seems more powerful? it either is or it isn't

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xHeavYx2093d ago

Are "journalists" still asking Indie devs which console is more powerful?

Primal2093d ago

You're absolutely right, it's hard to swallow for some people.

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EvilWay2093d ago

But the power difference is minimal

DoubleM702093d ago

Oh you guys still haven't learned. 2yrs later and still talking about the same crap.

NatFanBoyRestricted2093d ago

Cindy, the Order is the best looking game on a gaming platform? Irish just posted pics with his comments that look amazing and somehow ps4 is the only platform in your little world? If a multi-plat game can run 900 on x1, 1080 on ps4, 4k on pc, I can confidently say you aren't aware of what's going on in the gaming world. Yea ps4 stronger than xbox, but doesn't mean it can walk on any pc. You know the hardware statistics between console, but somehow missed everything thing else you think you woulda learned on the way. Wow

GameNameFame2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )


Lol says who? by what data?

Nah quite massive according to actual benchmark.

andrarfc2093d ago

And all those virtually indistinguishable games really demonstrate that power.

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Blaze9292094d ago

Seems? 50% more powerful seems? Or whats going on here

pivotplease2093d ago

Ambiguous PR jargon seems to be at play. Not the first time. Won't be the last.

Yetter2093d ago

probably hard to tell if you aren't pushing the limits of either system. And White Night definitely is not

AngelicIceDiamond2093d ago

"PS4 Seems More Powerful"

Lol ok what else is knew

MasterCornholio2093d ago

He was just trying to be polite.

We all know that the PS4 is more powerful though. I'm surprised that he said the XB1 was easier to make the game for.

Gamer19822093d ago

I don't get how one is easier to program for?? Surely thats upto the developer since they both have the same architecture the only difference is one uses DX12 the other uses other options such as opengl. It would only be more difficult to program on ps4 if you find dx easier to program for. Nothing to do with hardware. I'm sure you would find a lot of devs who would say the opposite and say ps4 is easier.
This was not the same last generation however as both consoles had there own hardware meaning they had to run console exclusive APIs meaning devs had to learna whole new language to program. However since Xbox 360 was powerpc it was fairly similar (but not the same) as x86 meaning it was a lot easier to develop for.

Kumomeme2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

x1 seems easier to program maybe due to api and tools...the api had some dx12 features already..well dont know i recall ps4 is easier to compared to the predecessor but still...can't denied the raw power specs different

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chrissx2094d ago

Seems? Ps4 is more powerful and that's a fact

InTheLab2094d ago

Well that's only according to math and science...and we all know how reliable that nonsense is /s

baryonyx2093d ago

When someone says math and science is nonesense, it's easy to calculate how stupid you are.

KwietStorm_BLM2093d ago


You're just joking around. Trust me.

Azzanation2093d ago

Yup just like how Maths and science proved the PS3 to be more powerful...

Kumomeme2093d ago

so are you saying those scientific calculation are nonsense?then how those engineer done their work until now?

InTheLab2093d ago

So I really have to explain sarcasm now?

/s means sarcasm.

This is also a play on the people who used Google to decide whether vaccines are safe instead of what is agreed upon by scientist.

This is also a jab at climate change deniers that claim they aren't scientists so they can't understand humans are responsible for climate change.

The reason why my comment was marked as funny is because I was joking.

I can explain humor if you guys like...

AndrewLB2093d ago

InTheLab- If man-caused global warming is 100% factual and cannot be debated, care to explain why NASA, NOAA, and the Global Historical Climate Network have ALL been caught red-handed altering both historical and recent temperature data, with the express intent of making the past look cooler and current temperatures warmer?

Then when you factor in the built-in bias toward warming due to so many temperature stations being located intentionally in city-centers and places like airports, these so-called heat-islands skew the numbers more and more toward the left's desired outcome.

The only data that is not inherently flawed is that obtained by satellites, and last I checked we've been in a cooling trend for many years.

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ps5fanboy2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Wait , wasn't there an article a few days back or last week , a dev saying the ps4 is easier to develop for??
I suppose it depends what programming techniques they specialise in , we all know only aliens can program for the ps4 tech.

CaptainObvious8782094d ago

Seem to get a different answer depending on who you ask. Very strange.

Dark_king2094d ago

I think I can explain that its all to do with the games.If the game is something complex and pushing the systems then the PS4 is easier to program for.If its not pushing the system then the XBoxOne is easier to program for.When you start pushing more its less work on the PS4 since your not having to jump through as many hoops to tap into the systems power.Of course we will see this change a bit when MS fully releases DirectX 12 on the XBoxOne.

Phoenix762094d ago

@ps4guy (hate using that other term), yes your right, an article was posted only few days back saying the complete opposite.

It was a gaming bolt web page that posted it. Would of provided a link but phone won't paste it. Article was dated 5 march referring to a game called bladestorm.

kurruptor2093d ago

Ya it is kind of a preference.

One thing I've never seen a dev say is that the Xbone is more powerful.

SpinalRemains1382093d ago

No, not developers. Only that Mr. X character and a few deluded gamers around here who swear that secret sauce and DX12 will push the One into unseen console territory.

They're both good machines. For what they're offering, for the price and the developers who work on them? Its a steal, man.

rainslacker2093d ago

That Stardock guy constantly says the Xbox shows more power with DX12.

Or I think one time he said something along the lines that DX12 will let the X1 surpass the you can extrapolate from that that the PS4 is more powerful by default right guess you're right. Common consensus among devs is that the PS4 is more powerful. Now just to get the X1 fans to believe devs when it goes against their own beliefs....and math/science as stated above.

kurruptor2093d ago

Wardell said himself that the PS4 hardware is substantially better. Also that the PS4 will be optimized more just as well.

Gamer19822093d ago

All depends on your programming knowledge as they very similar to pc now. So devs going into design with a lot of back knowledge unlike last gen where they had to learn a completely new code at least in the ps3s case.

Kumomeme2093d ago

yep..and i heard xbox one api much unstable and buggy..another reason they really need dx12...

well maybe depends on devs...

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