Project CARS vs Assetto Corsa - Ultra Settings "Nurburgring Nordschleife" Video Comparison

YouTube’s ‘ADRIANF1esp’ has released a new video comparison between Project CARS and Assetto Corsa. This video shows a lap at “The Green Hell”, Nordschleife, with the McLaren P1 hypercar in both.

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Mega241504d ago

Both look awesome, though Assetto's shaky camera made me a bit uncomfortable.

MK24ever1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Honestly, BOOTH look awful! And disagree all you want, but that 60fps "smoothness" looks like crap, it's just odd to look at, maybe because 99.9% of TV media we consume is 30 fps (or 50i) and I'm to used to that frame rate.
Driveclub looks much better and I'm happy it's not 60fps, I never ever had a problem with 30fps, so even if I'm 1 in 1 million, screw 60fps, specially on these two games, I never saw 60 fps look so bad ever.

Thefreeman0121504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You driveclub fanboys are awful. Its an average racer with great graphics. Project cars is more than just graphics. It has great physics and a in depth career mode. By the way its both.

LegoIsAwesome1504d ago

Can you explain this then?

Not sure if all version is going to be like that. But can you defend the physics that you are trying so hard to fight for.

BiggCMan1504d ago

I can't speak for Project Cars, but I have Assetto Corsa, a seemingly similar game. And the game is garbage.

Is it realistic? Absolutely. Is it pretty? Sort of, the car models look gorgeous, the rest of the world looks worse than a PS2 game because they put no time into it and it takes away from the experience.

Is it fun? Absolutely not. There's no music in the game, which makes it feel completely flat. The game is not user friendly whatsoever and is a chore to set up a good wheel with.

And forget about using a controller because setting it up is hard, and once you do set one up to be like Forza or GT, the game plays like complete trash as you can in this video where he is clearly using one.

The cars feel like they are on ice if you are not in cockpit view. It just does not have the quality of a high budget game like Driveclub or Gran Turismo. Much more superior games in every way.

I don't need a hyper realistic game like AC or PCars if they are going to be low budget and poorly made in every other aspect except for handling with a wheel.

Now try to defend them and insult Driveclub when I've give you a completely logical response on why the other games are bad. Or at least Assetto Corsa.

Aery1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Ok ...

Ravenor1504d ago

Oh cool a discussion about that arcade racer Driveclub.

MK24ever1504d ago

I'm no "insert any game here" fanboy, I like to play games, no matter the platform they're on or the frame rate they run on.

Project Cars is a game that looked completely unreal one year ago, with mind-blowing beautiful graphics and car models and gameplay features, now it seems all it has is 60fps (which fail to impress me), and everything else is gone, maybe the devs are compromising everything to tap on that millions of consoles market, or maybe the game just sucks, it has been delayed more times than I can count, and instead of looking better every time,it actually looks worse.
I DO love Driveclub, I liked it from the start despite all the hate it had, and now, it keeps getting better and better, with better visuals, more cars, features and amazing support from the devs and the community. It is the most FUN I had with a driving game in the last 10 years, it didn't have to have 60 fps or have incredibly real car handling physics (which rarely means "more fun"), I must admit tough that the graphics of the game DO help to the fun of the game. The first Dirt, Grand Tourismo 4 and Star Wars racer come to my mind as other racing games that were above everything else (frames per second or realism or whatnot).. FUN!
I'm not hating on PC or Asseto Corsa, I'm hating on the nauseating impression that 60 fps actually has in the game and on the generic feeling of both games. They both look like a remaster version of an old PS2 game.

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dumahim1504d ago

I won't say they look awful, but they do have problems.

Graffiti on PC is almost not even there. The tail lights are barely visible. CHMSL is visible on PC, but AC it doesn't light up.

P1 is active aero, correct? Shouldn't the wing rotate to aid in braking?

Hurfs1504d ago

yea every one is posting the same video of the game on PS4 of which we do not know the build number or any thing!!!! Now I'm not saying it better looking then DC or any thing like that but to call both Project CARS & Assetto Corsa look awful is a bit Fanboyism is it not.

check Project CARS vs Real Life - BMW 1M @ Nurburgring on youtube! looks great to me.

mcstorm1504d ago

Im not sure if the videos that are getting posted are hurting the game or not esp with PC getting pushed back again. For me I was really intrested in PC but every time its pushed back im starting to lose the need to have the game. I have Horizon 2 and I know its not a sim but I love the game and Forza 6 is out later on this year and for me I love the Forza games and im expecting big things from 6. The closer PC gets to Forza 6 the less chance im going to pick this game up I think.

I hope it sells well as I don't want any game that people put a lot of work into to be a flop but I just have a feeling its not going to see as well as it should.

uth111504d ago

This is so funny to me. We have racing games that have graphics that we could only dream about in generations past. But there are always people claiming that every one looks 'like garbage'.

To me all the recent big name racers look great. Sure some are more photorealistic than others, but that doesn't mean the other look horrible.

windblowsagain1504d ago

From those video's it looks like neither has any weight to them. Like they are floating around corners, looks weird.