Halo 3 Beta Competition - Win entry into the Beta!

So you've heard about the Halo3 Beta coming in Spring 2007 right? Well 360Monster have 100 Beta codes in their grasp and are willing to shower these codes down to their lovely readers via a simple competition. These codes will guarantee you a place in the Halo 3 Beta in Spring 2007!

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Norad64360d ago

Bungie hasn't even released how the Beta is going to work. How can these guys possibly have beta codes? We don't even know how many people are going to be apart of this. Until we hear more from Bungie, do not fill out the entry form. Its possible that they could be fake.

T-Rac4360d ago

or you can go to -

thats part of by the way and never guess what site is on the right with a LINK to this very same comp.