Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XV Product Placement Deal

Square Enix has announced a partnership with outdoor recreation products company Coleman for a product placement deal in Final Fantasy XV. You may already have noticed a few Coleman products in the game already.

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GCO Gamer2882d ago

That awesome.

Awesome in a sense that video games are supplement costs.

Elda2882d ago

"Based on reality"...good for S-E.

kingdomtriggers2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

lol square needs all the money they can get. Do what you gotta do.

NoctisPendragon2882d ago

I could be camping for real after playing this game.

Heyxyz2882d ago

The second I saw the headline I laughed, that's some real funny stuff! I don't know what funnier, the fact that FFXV has product placement or SE's reason!

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