Sony Online Entertainment Video Blog #1

A candid sit-down with John Smedley on the company's plans for events, announcements and activities this summer.

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Relcom3963d ago

Replace the word Candid with the word Boring and that would be a accurate description of this video.

Omegasyde3963d ago

ditto, No footage and Free Realms doe not look exciting for my age group you know the age group 12+.

Why hasn't Everquest been ported to the PS3 already? They did get the memo that you can plug a mouse and keyboard into the ps3 right?

Vojkan3963d ago

WOW Sony is really on the roll. The Agency will be awesome, i can feel it. DC universe game could be great for folks that like that stuff.
btw/ this was awesome

Jon86023963d ago

dc universe sounds very interesting and courtney simmons looks hot(not to sure about her poofy hair and her annoying earrings though)

eagle213963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Never played an MMO before. I want to try them both for sure. :)

crazyclown3963d ago

oh ya goooooooooo baby goo

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