Ori and the Blind Forest Update Goes Live on Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: With many players experiencing crashing and freezing issues, Ori and the Blind Forest hasn’t quite been able to live up to its full potential on the Xbox One. An update for the game just went live to remedy these problems.

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aviator1891500d ago

very nice. quite a fast update.

Automatic791500d ago

I still haven't experiences said issues.

RyanShutup1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I always have an issue on suspend / resume. Whenever I got back in the screen flickers black and none of the buttons work. I had a crash on the first cinematic as well. Glad to see a patch it's a rad game. One of my favs so far this gen, it's almost impossible for me to stop playing it!

Fireseed1500d ago

Nice! Crashed when i first booted it up which was probably a good thing seeing as it was 10 minutes before i had to be at work lol

Good to know when i get off it should be smoothed out.

Stiffler1500d ago

Great to see it get the support it deserves. Brilliant gem of a game.

Revolt131500d ago

This game is amazing. Anyone who hasnt bought it yet, should seriously consider doing so!

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The story is too old to be commented.