VipEüt Asks What Would WipEout Look Like on Vectrex

Carl Williams writes, "Demakes, taking a newer game and porting it to an older console that is probably not powerful enough to run it, is popular in the retrogaming world. We have seen things such as Halo 2600, Far Cry 4 for Sega Genesis/SNES and more over the years. The Vectrex, a defunct console released by Milton Bradley, is the focus of this demake though. VipEüt takes the idea of WipEout and shows us how it might look if it was released on the Vectrex console- a console that did 3D and such with lines and nothing else."

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360ICE1498d ago

That actually looks pretty awesome

DJ1498d ago

This looks amazing. Maybe graphics are what's holding back today's games...