Why Microsoft Should Have Tried To Get Exclusive Rights To Titanfall 2

Even since before the game’s launch people were questioning whether Titanfall would remain a Microsoft exclusive title. As it turns out, we were right to question it. You’re in luck, Playstation owners, as a sequel to the parkouring, wall-running, mech-smashing FPS is on-route to your console soon! Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella told IGN in an interview ahead of the BAFTA game awards “it’ll be multi platform”. He also spoke about other areas the studio are headed saying they were “starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too”. Respawn’s COO Dusty Welch explained that the original game was Microsoft exclusive for business reasons and that it would have been “prohibitive” as a multi platform release.

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shallowpoint2326d ago

No it should be enjoyed by all gamers! Just like SF5 & Tomb Raider 2

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Master-H2325d ago

And Monster Hunter, and Bayonetta.

4theplayers2326d ago

Nobody cares about Titanfall, Destiny is the GOTY.

2326d ago
thehobbyist2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Destiny came out last year. It can't be GOTY

This year's GOTY is gonna be Phantom Pain

WellyUK2325d ago

I'm going with The Witcher 3 on that this year. If they can pull of that open world with the quality of the 2nd then it will do very well indeed.

tinynuggins2326d ago

I say let PS4 owners in on the fun! It's a great game, i'm glad the sequel will be enjoyed by everyone.

UKmilitia2325d ago

i enjoyed titanfall but on xb1 it had really bad screen tearing which ruined it for me and the fact i couldnt play it on my projector because it wasnt high enough resolution.

sat at 13ft away on a 106" screen 900p is just acceptable otherwise looks to blocky for me to have long gaming sessions.

WellyUK2325d ago

Someone with a brain, finally. It's hard to find one now a days.

dotwithshoes2326d ago

Where did Respawn say PS4.. "Multiplatform" could simply mean Xbox One, PC.. I would laugh so hard if they are trolling by saying that. but bleh, didn't play Titanfall, so not really interested in the game but if it comes to ps4, cool, more people to play the game the better.

isa_scout2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

If that were the case they wouldn't have said they regretted launching TitanFall on the limited platforms that they did. EA is to greedy not to want a piece of the 20+ million PS4 pie. Don't forget that by the time TitanFall 2 launches the PS4 will most likely be somewhere around 35-40 million consoles sold. That's if the numbers don't fluctuate(they always do). However, if they hold then Sonys 35-40 million will be going up against maybe 20 million Xbox Ones? It's not hard to see where the potential payoff lies.

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The story is too old to be commented.