We're Not Holding Back Battlefield Hardline Content for DLC, Dev Says

Some took the news as Visceral purposefully holding back content from the main game so it could sell it later. But that's not the case, according to lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser.

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EvilWay1407d ago

Visceral has a lot of balls. I have seen them time and time again taking shots at other devs. You made two good games. I got news for you Visceral Games - your so called "Battlefield" game is pure shit. There is OP vehicles, dumbed down multiplayer, and a lack of destruction. This game is not Battlwfield it doesn't deserve to have the name on it. This game will hurt battlefield because it basically means it is a annual release now instead of every 3 years like it was before (Or maybe it was two I'm not 100% sure)

This game will fail pretty bad I believe because the beta turned me and a bunch of my
Friends off and I know we weren't the only ones. Your servers better work at launch.

I will play my 6 hour trial with EA Access but will not give them my money. I wanted a new horror game from them not battlefield

Bansai1407d ago

Yes you do, yes you do.

I mean, it's EA we're talking about.

nX1407d ago

And it would be stupid to admit it, of course. If they are not holding back anything, why does a premium subscription even exist?

annoyedgamer1407d ago

Visceral is EA, everything you just said is common behavior from them. You have to realize EA wants everyone to think the failures and pot shots are from the developers themselves so that in the event of a backfire, the studio can take the fall. IE Maxis

Kleptic1407d ago

exactly...anything EA publishes from an EA absorbed an EA developed game which walks the drunken line of development by committee...

this isn't the Visceral that made Dead Space and Dead Space 2...this is some of the Visceral that made those 2 games, and about 35 people wearing suits that are more interested in corner cutting and maximizing profit, even if it means letting yet another once decent franchise continue on its tail spin...

the only answer is to STOP buying shit like this...

kaizokuspy1407d ago

Yeah man, good opinion. I loved it. So I will be playing it as well as my friends. You see the reason why it won't fail is because for the gamers that it loses, is where they find gamers that they gain. Their premium may give you a few exclusive skins, 2 week early access to new DLC, as well as a hidden feature they've yet to announce, and the ability to enter tournaments and invite a friend to join you who is not a premium member. For all the hate premium gets when it comes to EA, this actually feels like a change and a step in the right direction. So I and my friends have bought the premium as well. You vote with your wallet and we will vote with ours. Happy Gaming <@:)

sander97021407d ago

To be fair the lack of destruction isn't because they didn't try it's because Frostbite 3 is the worst engine out there and doesn't allow realistic physics to exist which makes destruction almost impossible unless it's pre-animated, let's just hope they make a new engine for the next Battlefield!

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ArchangelMike1407d ago

They all say that. It's complete B$. If it's not cut content then why is it announced as DLC prior to release? Yeah, I'll skip Hardline, thanks.

starchild1407d ago

So anytime there is DLC announced before release it means it was cut from the game? Where's the logic in that?

To me the important question will always be: is the main game good and is the amount of content satisfying? If it is, then there is nothing to be upset about. If you don't want the DLC then don't buy it.

Bitching about DLC no matter what, without any other consideration, is just childish and illogical to me.

ArchangelMike1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

"So anytime there is DLC announced before release it means it was cut from the game?"

Yes! Exactly this. Ofcourse it was cut from the game. Unless there was a separate dev team working on it while the main team concentrated on the main game, or unless it is developed once the main game goes Gold etc.

The 'tell' is the fact that most if this DLC is cosmetic stuff that doesn't take a week to generate. They could have bundeld it as part of the game, where you 'unlock' the new skins and maps etc once you completed the game on Hard or extreme, or whatever. That's the way it used to be, before suckers started paying to 'unlock' the content that was already on the game disc they bought.

A scam is a scam is a scam. We've fallen for it and are now defending it. But lets not pretend that it's some 'favour' that devs are giving us out of the kindness of their bleeding hearts under the guise of 'more content'. They want to maximise profits, and if this means selling a game in smaller bits to consumers, then they will do it.

It is illogical NOT to consider this and to just blindly swallow the PR dribble.

sigfredod1407d ago

so please buy, buy, buy
no thanks, will save that money for battlefront or bf5

jaeEvuhL1407d ago

loving this game good job visceral:)

c316471407d ago

I played the beta and was not impressed, it felt like a step down from battlefield 4 also battlefield 4 is getting night maps and from what i have see they look great. I will pass on hardline.

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