Jak & Daxter 5: The Lost Frontier videos? writes:"We've bumped into 2 videos on YouTube that could be the next Jak and Daxter game, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, and the game could be on the cards for deffinite release."

Nothing else to say apart from check the videos out!

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Vojkan3966d ago

dude that posted this vid on ytube, said that it is from JAK PSP,so it is not PS3 game, after all it is so obvious.

zane_78493966d ago

Not Jak & Daxter PS3, maybe a deleted scene from Jak 3 or Jak X. Or the mentioned psp version. I would be very down for a psp version, throw in a sly cooper psp and I'll buy everyone lunch.

Wildarmsjecht3966d ago

Wait, part 5? Where was 4? Are they counting that racing game?

PoSTedUP3966d ago

yea part 3 for ps2 was off the hook.

Elimin83966d ago

What was 4 about.. Played 1,2,3 and daxter, but 4 please let me know where i can buy that........ Jak X not so much....

Lucreto3966d ago

I would have put it in Rumour but I can't report for another day.

PoSTedUP3966d ago

this is what ive been waiting for, a nex gen jak&dak game.

i prefer jak&daxter over clank&ratchet. JAKS the f*cking man!!

Vojkan3966d ago

this is obviously for PSP you tool, look at those textures.

PoSTedUP3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

i never said it wasnt for the psp. this can easily be for the ps3 cause its clearly not even close to being done yet. but well see what they announce it for.

heroman7113966d ago

i would love a new jak and daxter game

HateBoy3965d ago

Oh yeah baby! Ratchet get tha fawk out, Jak is what I want!


Shut up clank.

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The story is too old to be commented.