Several Ratchet and Clank games discounted in new sale

New Ratchet and Clank deals includes Ratchet and Clank Collection at $16.95 as well as Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus at $12.97.

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WizzroSupreme2290d ago

Loved Ratchet and Clank back in the day. Sure hope the first one's remake is awesome.

Rimeskeem2290d ago

If you have a PS3 and never played the R and C games I would highly recommend them. Some of the best platforming out there.

BC_Master_Haze2290d ago

PS2 R and C games were my favorites :P I wasn't a fan of the worn out story or slightly changed art style in the ps3 games

NeodeosX2290d ago

I'm a huge fan since the first one on PS2, but now I prefer the PS3 games by far. Better stories, deeper background, and beautiful environments. Of course, I loved the PS2 games but I'm glad they took a more narrative way. A Crack In Time is still my favorite in the whole series.

ginsunuva2290d ago

If you don't own Into the Nexus, then buy it now or else.

It's less than $13, so you have no excuse.

Scatpants2290d ago

I recently played through it on PS Now with my Vita. It's a great game.

Retroman2290d ago

soooo, the less sold games: Full frontal, All4one into nexus
now on sale for discount??? played them all. best one R&C collection.