PS4 System Update 2.50 "Yukimura" Gets First Official Screenshots; Show Zoom, Color Changes and More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent a press release today with the first batch of official screenshots of update 2.50 "Yukimura."

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jonboi241504d ago

Really glad to see Sony take into consideration visually impaired gamers.

ZombieKiller1503d ago

Sooooo..... if you can control the button mapping in the console itself....does that transfer to the game too?

If that is the case....holy *&%$....just holy *&%^#

Button mapping FOR EVERY GAME?! That is epic and if it's true this console will become more defined as a gaming console than anything I've seen to date (with the exception of an actual gaming rig designed for only gaming, but close enough!)

Now only if I had customizable dashboard organization and a freaking video player, I'd lose my mind.

PANDAB1504d ago

The PS Store Icon is now on the main dashboard! .....I will get used to it.....

Me-Time1504d ago

Pretty much this. I feel the same way.

smh (slightly)

Mikey322301504d ago

Im glad they did this..
It was almost hidden away by being put up in the Top XMB layer.

This should help it get clicked on more often.

Shazz1504d ago

sorry but ps store as main thing when you sign in is horrible

JakeAndBake1504d ago

I totally agree, now we have more crap clogging up the main dash. It was fine where it was but Sony likes doing dumb shit so this move is not surprising.

blackblades1504d ago

Your comment is horrible, I can't understand what your saying. Playstation store is not a game not like people spend hours in it or go to it every minute/day.

JakeAndBake1504d ago

Exactly, its not a game or app that people spend hours in so why is it being placed all front and centered? It was fine on the second bar where it was out of the way but still easy to see and access.

Shazz1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Jeez settle down dude I'm just giving my opinion lol, should have ability to move around items on the xmb.

mushroomwig1504d ago

I'm going to guess that it won't be the main thing you see when you sign it, it'll continue to be the what's new section.

error131504d ago

The negative filter looks nice, hopefully this update also adds custom backgrounds.

Travis37081504d ago

NOOOO T_T why is the PS store right there? It's aready enough things on the freaking dashboard...

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The story is too old to be commented.