What are the best and worst versions of Silent Hill 2?

Game Idealist ranks the the best and worst versions of Silent Hill 2.

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DarkOcelet1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

The X360 version was truly the worst. I couldn't even fire a bullet in Silent Hill 2 with the frame rate goes down to zero lol. It really pissed me off that the PS3 version got some patches but the 360 was left like $hit. And don't get me started on Silent Hill 3, crashed every five minutes. Save games being deleted and some other BS.

With all the crap the port had. I just had to play those two masterpieces again. The feels in SH2 hit me really bad :(

Tedakin1499d ago

I never played the remasters but hearing they changed the voices turns me way off. I'll just say the PS2. It's the first, the classic, the one I played and fell in love with back in 2001.

Monstar1499d ago

PC version....with PS2 right behind it.

Monstar1499d ago

how did i get 2

the hd verison on last gen consoles were horrid ports with missing aspects. The only true version of the game is the PS2 version, and the PC version being better because the PC version is a direct port from the PS2 version, with added graphical fidelity.

hkgamer1499d ago

i somehow prefered the look of the ps2 version. maybe because of the low res and thick fog that it could hide all the details.

pc version just looked a little too clean. xbox apparently didnt run as smooth and we know how the hd ports went.

Pastorfuzz1499d ago

I remember playing it on the original Xbox and never had any problems with it.