Why Borderlands 1 isn't in 'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection'

Even if you are a casual fan of the series, you quickly must have noticed the absence of Borderlands 1, and you're right, it isn't coming as part of The Handsome Collection. In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Gearbox Software Producer James Lopez talked about why Borderlands 1 isn't part of The Handsome Collection.

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GribbleGrunger1501d ago

I bought every single expansion pack for the PS3 version and unless I get those free for this there's no way I'm going to buy it again. This is one instance where cross-buy is essential in my opinion.

dumahim1501d ago

If you look at the description for the game or even the announcement, they already confirmed all the content is included and save import will be available for the same platform.

ifistbrowni1501d ago

Both games come with all the available DLC...

I just want to see the digital version appear on PSN. It's surprising that it's not on there yet. I haven't seen it on XB1 yet either.

They'll probably miss out on sales if they don't release it digitally.

GribbleGrunger1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Thank you both! I just might pick this up then.

Bubble: Helpful.

ifistbrowni1501d ago

Just an update, I just checked PS Store and the Handsome collection is now available for pre-order.

spacedelete1501d ago

stop with the BS that they are years apart and the first game can't get ported because of that. DMC 4 is getting ported to Ps4 and Xbox and that came out in 2008. if The last of us can get ported then obviously Borderlands 1 can easily its just they don't want to port it for some reason. your also forgetting they are just porting from PC so they could easily port it over as these new consoles are essentially PCs. it really is weird why people defend greedy companies and come up with stupid reasons.

Palitera1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Yeah, because all these games you mentioned share the same engine, resources and issues between them...

It is totally logic that if one of them can be ported with given cost, all of them can.

I don't support Gearbox's shi*** business at all (they have ONE quality product that is Borderlands and everything else, including their behavior, is terrible), but your comment is ridiculous.

dumahim1501d ago

They said it wasn't included because it didn't share the same technology as the other two games. Sure they can port BL1, but they wouldn't include it with these two games.

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LackTrue4K1501d ago

Well I love Brick in Borderlands 1, and would love to keep playing as him....but part 1 will never be in the "Handsome Jack collection" cuz.... Handsome Jack was never in part one!!!

Did anybody ever think about that?!

RuleNumber51501d ago

That's what I said too, totally agree.

konnerbllb1501d ago

Sure he wasn't in it but he was still apart of it. He was the one pulling the strings, using angel, using the vault hunters, ect.

LamerTamer1501d ago

Nice excuse.

Who said that this remaster MUST be named the way it is? They could have included all and just called it something else.

MilkMan1501d ago

Would have been nice, but ultimately the bean counters didn't think it was worth it. If they would have added it to this bundle it would have made it a must have. As it is now, its a good marketing ploy. The Handsome collection. :)
Pretty clever. Well, at least they did what they did right.

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The story is too old to be commented.