Gamestyle Review: Soul Nomad And The World Eaters

Gamestyle writes: "When Gamestyle first encountered Soul Nomad & The World Eaters, we mistakenly thought it was a successor to Quantic Dreams visionary but flawed Dreamcast epic Nomad Soul. Clearly the title does not enhance first impressions of this release yet coming from Nippon Ichi, experience shows that beneath the surface will be a game of immense possibilities.

Your role as the main hero is one of constantly balancing good against evil, and resisting for want of a better phrase, the dark side. Unfortunately your body has been infused with the spirit of Gig, an evil warmonger from ancient times who loves death, chaos and destruction on a legendary scale. The land of Prodesto has seen much of this over the centuries, with Gig leading three of the World Eaters. These giants scarred the terrain with their brutal display of power. Factions within the resistance soon developed with some areas pledging allegiance to these massive creatures."

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