We're dizzy from Microsoft's spin wrote: "Microsoft announced a few things "officially" this morning, including the "temporary" price drop of the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro model… I say temporary because this is nothing more than a clearance sale to purge those models from the pipeline. The only way to get rid of those in any speedy fashion is to lower the price and entice retailers to add their own incentives to them in the form of "bonus" gift cards. For someone wanting an Xbox 360 and not minding the hard drive is only 20GB* (*barely over half that is usable by you,) then yeah, your deal just got $50 better.

If anyone thinks I'm going to let a move like this "slide by" as a "price drop" after all the crap everyone gave Sony about the 60GB PS3 price drop being a clearance sale, well… that's just not going to happen. This is 100% "turnabout is fair play" and 0% related to my dislike for the 360. I love tossing Xbot logic back in their own faces. They usually resort to ALL SORTS of hilarity when that happens."

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Wildarmsjecht3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Lol, in before the "Flood"

Heh...yea I'd disagree with that one..dont know what possessed me to say that.

Stll, he's especially correct about the flack sony got for phasing the 60 gig in such a manner. Theres a crapton of hypocrisy these days.

player9113968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

We all knew this price drop was coming. I mean, what should MS do?... continue to sell the 20gb model for $350 then just randomly swap out to a 60 model? No. They'll lower the price on the 20gb model so when the 60gb comes out for $50 more... those who bought the 20gb model won't be upset for having to have paid the same amount for a lesser unit. The 20gb = $300 and 60gb = $350. Seems fair.

And plus who cares. The 360 is the 360. Anyone that was looking to buy one will now save some dough.

The only reason half the 20gb HDD is available to the user because it comes preloaded with a few game demo's, full arcade games, videos, etc. Would people prefer to get the unit completely empty or have it come with some bonus material?

I think a price drop is a price drop. They're not removing anything out of the existing 360 model to make it reach that price like Sony pulled. So whats the harm?

I don't see what the big deal is. They may be "clearanced" but it is still a good deal.

EDIT: How am I getting disagree's by saying the price drop is a good deal?

Wildarmsjecht3968d ago

I dont know, but it doesnt matter. A disagree really means nothing unless someone backs up their claims. I got a disagree before i put more info into my first post. granted, it was probably because of the bad joke I made "WHICH I FOUND LULZ WORTHY" but still, what does it matter?

I see your point, and the lower price point is a good deal.

zapass3968d ago

so what kinda flack should microsoft get for a price drop to dump their defective inventory on their own customers?

Genesis53968d ago

Well they shouldn't have to many to clear out. Aren't they still running on shortages?

Wildarmsjecht3968d ago

I see what you did there. :P

morganfell3968d ago

How is a machine with almost no usable HDD that dies a lot a good deal at any price? It's like these cheap two for one sales on men's suits. Just what I need. A sports coat with lapels shaped like hang gliders. If they really wanted to screw you they would give you three for the price of one. Same thing here. A screwing is a screwing at any price.

madmike3967d ago

why dont you sheep just give up we love our 360 we love to play great games why do you want to kill the 360 anyway if you can,t afford two games machines then get a better job but you wont because your bitter fools

AceLuby3967d ago

I disagreed because you contradict yourself:

"I think a price drop is a price drop. They're not removing anything out of the existing 360 model to make it reach that price like Sony pulled. So whats the harm?"

Then you say it is a clearance sale (which it is). Plus, Sony didn't pull anything out of the 60GB model. They stopped producing it and put out another product that the consumers want.

I know what you're trying to say, but its wrong. They did do the same thing.

They are putting a new SKU out there and removing another and to entice buyers to buy out the current stock are putting it at a lower price.

You are right about it not being a big deal though.

Kill Crow3967d ago

backward compatiblity remember

godofthunder103967d ago

This is an angry ps3 fanboy that works for and he doesn't know a damn thing.I'll agree that when sony dropped the price of the ps3 that it caught slack from fanboys but not microsoft so stop crying.

The reason that sony dropped the price on the ps3 was because they were falling behind in console sales and it helped them big time.The first time that they dropped the price on the ps3 was because sony put them on clearance because they were going to stop makeing the models that was on sale and that's the same thing that microsoft is doing now.

I think that who ever wrote this article needs to get a life and stop crying over something that happened a while back.If he had any brains he wouldn't have said that he wrote this article with 0% related to dislike for the 360.He is so bias that you could tell by his first few sentenses.If this guy is trying to make people belive that he wrote this article without hateing the 360 then he needs to know how to hide his true feelings first,he** he probaly doesn't even belive he wrote this article without being bias after he read it himelf.

This guy is such a big ps3 fanboys that if i was him i would be embarresed.He is so sad and bias that he is looking up things that happened a while back just to make the ps3 look better.I bet that he is one of the ps3 fanboys that act and say that the 360 doesn't have any good games on it but he wish that the ps3 did have some exclusives the 360 have and it's a shame to see someone act like this.If i was him i would get out of the house more.someone should tell him that their is more to life besides video games,especially more to life then acting like a spoiled kid fighting over one.

This guy should take my advice.He needs to grow up and get a life.he needs to start acting his age instead of a kid on a play ground saying my daddy can beat up your daddy,the truth is that this is just what he sounds like but instead of saying his daddy he is saying that his ps3 is better then your 360 and that's just a stupid,bias,childish,ridiculio us remark.The truth is that the best system that they have is the one that you like and that's a fact.

i'm tired of reading bias and childish articles like this one.i just can't understand why people can't just be fans of both systems instead of a stupid fanboy.

Fans of a system are honest and they admit things are good and bad about both systems and they also admit that both have good and bad games on them.The fact is that they both have good and bad things about them because programers already admited it.

Fanboys on the other hand are bias,childish,hypercrits,.They all act like the system that they have is the best and nothing is wrong with it.They lie and say that the system that they don't have doesn't have any good games on it,they lie and say that they all sux but they really wish that exclusives on the other system was on theirs.

people need to start acting like fans instead of fanboys.fanboys are the worst thing that could have ever happened to video games because they are just stupid to act childish like they do and they can never be unbias and it's a shame.Fans on the other hand can hold a good conversation without acting an a** and admit the truth about both systems and still defend the one that they like, like grownups should.

KingME3967d ago

We are not suppose to use terms like "xbot" unless it is to be put in the open zone. However sarcastic gamer can submit an article with the "forbidden" words already written into the article and it gets approved. Additionally the opening paragraph to the article says "FANBOY" alert in all languages.

What a joke.

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PirateThom3968d ago

He is right in what he's saying.

crck3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

When it was discovered at the last E3 that the PS3 price drop "wasn't really a price drop". The media came out with tons of articles about how Sony $&#^#@ up again. Even though it actually turned out to be a permanent price drop anyway. MS should get the same treatment if not worse (because unlike the Sony price drop this one isn't permanent). from the same media but they probably won't. Because MS hooks them up with more swag and what not.

Dareaver13968d ago

it's different because sony took out a lot of what was great about the ps3. The only difference in the new model is that it has 40 more gigs. That's it.

Sony took out the PS2 parts and other parts to make it cheaper. So it wasn't a price cut.

In order to have a price cut, you have to keep the product the same or make it better and still reduce the price. Not strip out it's parts and say, tah dah. In a real price cut, you still get the same thing in essence at a cheaper price.

This situation is better then what sony offered because they are improving the 360, not cheapening it.

So i disagree, this is different then what Sony did, and should be treated as such.

crck3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

of the EE chip in their comments and articles. If people thought losing some BC was not worth a $100 price drop and a free game (Motorstorm) then I agree with you, go ahead and complain about it. But they were complaining about the price drop because they thought it would be temporary not about lack of BC. They assumed the 80gb Motorstorm bundle would bring the price back up to $599 which never happened. But that did not stop people from jumping all over Sony.

Wile3968d ago

"If anyone thinks I'm going to let a move like this "slide by" as a "price drop" after all the crap everyone gave Sony about the 60GB PS3 price drop being a clearance sale, well… that's just not going to happen. This is 100% "turnabout is fair play" and 0% related to my dislike for the 360. I love tossing Xbot logic back in their own faces. They usually resort to ALL SORTS of hilarity when that happens."

I think the author is missing one critical difference between the Sony 'price drop' and the MS one. Sony dropped the price without revealing the new SKU until a few weeks later. That is what angered many people.

The gaming GOD3968d ago

True, when sony lowered the price the 80gb was never mentioned.

However, even though it wasn't mentioned publicly at that time, there were rumors floating all over the place even before the price drop about an 80gb ps3 being made.

So since you do have a somewhat fairly true statement, I can't agree or disagree with you lol

pumpkinpunker3968d ago

You're right. People were mad at Sony because they were less than up front about their price drop just being a clearance sale and waited a couple weeks to inform everyone of their plans in order to sell more of the 60gb console. Essentially ripping people off.

There is absolutely no objective reason to be angered about this price cut. Microsoft is essentially saying, "Hey, if 20gb is enough memory for you then you can now buy the 20gb model at a $50 discount. If 20gb is not enough then wait a liitle while and we'll be releasing a 60 gb console for the same price."

Sony fanboys, never give up the the fight! You entertain me endlessly. 2-3 years from now I will still read your posts and chuckle to myself.

Wile3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The facts in my statement are sony's announced the 'price drop', let's it ride for a few weeks then announces the 80GB. Many people that went out and bought the 60GB not knowing about the 80GB. Some people didn't like that.

I don't see how that can be HALF TRUE unless rumors as acceptable as info straight from Sony, MS or any other company.

CrazzyMan3968d ago

60GB model with FULL hardware BC went to 499$ price to free way for a new SKU.
80GB model Motorstorm bundle with >>software<< BC came with 499$ price.

20GB+Motorstorm VS Full HW BC.
So, what is more important? =) Anyway, I believe, MANY people wanted HW BC. =]

Wile3968d ago

The author wasn't arguing which SKU people preferred. He was trying to say the MS price drop was equivalent and deserving of the same criticism that the 60GB PS3 got. I think he is being premature.

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name3968d ago

Sarcastic gamer is greatness. They gave sony a massive beating last year and they seem to be doing the same thing for microsoft in their darkest hour ^_^

The Wood3968d ago

if the fairest way to be. If your gunna piss on one you should piss on em all

ViRaL-3968d ago

@ wood thats the best way to be fair

pow3r of t3h c3ll3968d ago

is fer gayzzzz!


Pain3968d ago

"I love tossing Xbot logic back in their own faces. They usually resort to ALL SORTS of hilarity when that happens."

_cuz Xbots r Brain dead Crack babies and well being brain dead its all they got...

AngryTypingGuy3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

With an avatar like that, you certainly know gay.

Why aren't all of you over politically-correct Sony sissies complaining that he's making fun of gays? If it was a 360 fan, you'd be complaining in a heartbeat. Instead you all hit Agree, you hypocrites. Where are you "Obama"?

AuToFiRE3967d ago

yep, angrytypingguy has just proven your point pain..

AngryTypingGuy3967d ago

Did you hear that? It sounded like to men making hot sweaty lo...oh, wait, it was just pow3r of th3 c3ll and autofire typing retarded comments.

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