Heavenly Sword Playtest by Play-UK Magazine

Scans from the Play-UK magazine previewing another PS3 killer-app in the making. Lots of new screenshots boasting breathtaking backdrops and action sequences are also a part of the preview.

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Retard4338d ago

Game looks amazing, maybe one of the best for PS3; now we play the waiting game...

Bhai4338d ago

...its in the launch window of the PS3, the special treat is that its not so late to get. Alongside Resistance, MotorStorm, Lair and F1, Heavenly Sword makes yet another Killer-app so early in making !

Genki4338d ago

I love a good adventure game, and this looks to be right up my alley, I just wish I knew a bit more about where the story was going.

Looks great though, the three stance combat combined with the fact that you can use enemy weapons sounds very appealing, I would imagine that there would be several different play styles based upon that alone. With that in mind, a multiplayer minigame might be pretty fun, perhaps something similar to what Square had in Xenogears.

THAMMER14338d ago

This is the game that makes me want a PS3.

andy capps4338d ago

Coming from you that's saying a lot. :) Too bad I can't look at the pics at work since it's in a forum and it's blocked. I take it they're finally showing new environments?

THAMMER14338d ago

I like the PS3.

I dislike delusional fan boys and crazy Sony CEO's who talk like pay-per-veiw wrestlers.

All I need is games ya know.

andy capps4338d ago

I hear you. I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Lair is also one that I'm looking forward to.

Gears of War is making me think about getting a 360. Beat it this weekend with my friend on co-op. Enjoyed the game a lot, until the ending. The game was great, but the ending was too easy and ended too fast. I'll end up getting a 360 eventually, but just probably not for a while.

THAMMER14338d ago

I have had a 360 for a year and I need a reason to buy a PS3 now. And AAA games are the only thing that I need.

Captain Tuttle4338d ago

couldn't take my eyes off of Cliffbo's avatar.

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The story is too old to be commented.