"So much potential growth in the MENA region" says developer

Lebanon-based Game Cooks has said there is huge potential in the Middle East, with steady growth showing no signs of slowing down.

The developer said the region was growing, as was the talent pool ahead of upcoming Mena Games Conference & Exhibition, which will be held between the 26 and 27 March in Beirut- Lebanon.

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DarkOcelet1501d ago

للاسف احنا العرب مش بنفكر في الكلام دا كتير كل تفكيرنا في الطب,هندسة,او الحاجات الي كبارنا في السن كانوا فيها. كويس ان في تغير في المجتمع حتي لو كان التغير بسيط. انا بعمل لعبة بلاتفورمر زي كراش, ادعولي تنجح :)

On topic: Thats good news.

gantarat1501d ago

Google Translate.
"Unfortunately, I do not Bnevkr Ehna Arabs to speak da Kteer all our thinking in medicine , engineering , or needs for our elders in the age where they were . Kues that the change in the community , even if the change is simple. I'm doing a game Blattformr uniforms Crash , Adeola succeed"

DarkOcelet1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Ok i am gonna make it simpler for you.

Its a unfortunate/shame we Arab people don't think about the idea of developing games much, we just think about whether we will enter Medicine school/Engineering or things our parents were in their age. Its good that things there is a change in our community, even if the change is simple. I am doing a platformer like Crash, pray for me that i succeed :)

WelkinCole1501d ago

I wish there are more devs from the middle east region the same for the rest of different countries in Asia. I want different experience in gaming from different cultures.

Middle east having a long history would be nice to get some games based out of it.

Greek methodology and Persians (Iranians) has been done to some degree but I want to go further back into the Assyrian or Babylonian civilization. Just something different