5 Gaming Titles That Will Win Over Non-gamers

TK: Taking a closer look at some of the games released in the last few decades, there are several gems that would easily get a non-gamer in front of a television mashing buttons on a controller. Here are five such awesome titles worthy of mention:

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saadd201499d ago

Vice City was too good. I got the PSN version on a sale recently. brings back memories!

Cam9771499d ago

I love VC but it's really old now and I really don't think it would pull over non-gamers because of how it plays.

GokuSolosAll1499d ago

Mario Kart and Soulcalibur yeah, the rest sorta. FPS, Sports, and Racing generally get anyone involved.

johny51499d ago

I thought most non-gamers are girls who spend too much time slandering the other gender to worry about gaming unless it benefits them?

Also, them playing a game about a Man rising to power who shames Women by calling them [email protected] goes against their Man hating fight towards #Gamergate, or am I missing something....

cplus1499d ago

I think you're missing a girlfriend with that attitude.

ShaunCameron1498d ago

Actually, a lot of non-gamers are guys who don't really play anything outside of the highest of high-profile IP's. Grand Theft Auto being one of those.

As far as the girls go, envy is what motivates them.

scark921499d ago

Littlebigplanet no doubt!