Final Fantasy XV Idola Aldercapt Voice Actor Shinji Ogawa Passes Away

EnixOrigin has recently learned that Shinji Ogawa, the voice actor for Final Fantasy XV’S Idola Aldercapt has passed away due to bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia. He was 74. His family held a private funeral on Wednesday.

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DarkOcelet2885d ago

That is sad. Rest in Peace.

MeteorPanda2885d ago

aw. he didn't get to see the response for the games release.. ah well you can't choose when your gonna go. rip.

ltachiUchiha2884d ago

Damn thats sad news not only forus gamers but mostly his family. Atleast he wasn't young and enjoyed his work at his age. RIP.

UNKLE2884d ago

Then S.E need to restart the whole idola cast again so more delay hehhehe...