PlayStation Demand Leads to Country-Wide Violence

Several electronics manufacturing companies have allegedly exploited the people of the African country of Congo in order to get a rare mineral used in electronic manufacturing. Chief among the accused is Sony, whose PlayStation 2 console helped drive the demand for the rare mineral so high that the people started killing each other.

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Twizlex3967d ago

That's crazy. I never wanted a Playstation THAT bad!

gamesR4fun3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

this stuff is used in tons of electronics prob the xbox too..
But ya its like drinking coke do you support a company that kills for its bottom line?

vitz33967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Same story. This crap is old.

OP should follow the links to the original next time.

Real Gambler3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Sure, you won't find tantalium capacitors in ALL electronic appliances, but they have been used for at least 30 years. They are great for their small size, so you will find them mostly in smaller appliances like mp3 players, cell phone, earing aids, etc. Since they are expensive, if you have enough room in your appliance, you will rather pick something else.
So small story but get big hits just by saying Playstation, but you're likely sitting less than 5 feet away from about 40 of those capacitors RIGHT NOW. Maybe 42 if you're also sitting beside your Playstation or your Xbox.

Edit: Just double checked and I cannot see any capacitors other than ceramic or electrolytic (no fancy mineral in those) on the main board and the power supply! Only place I cannot check is the bluray drive. So for sure, they are not common on the PS3.

Panthers3966d ago

This is just like Blood Diamond except not with Diamonds. Its sad that things happen that way in Africa.

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PimpHandHappy3967d ago

what he is say is

the stuff that makes a PS2 is causing ppl to kill

but for someone to say the PS2 is to blame is indeed funny. There have been 400,000 ppl killed in 2 months just because they where from the other tribe! is a joke for even bringing the PS2 into this! Hey did you buy a diamond ring for your wife? If you did your doing more to continue the hate and violence then some gaming system!

Twizlex3967d ago

Ripten didn't bring the PS2 into it. They reported on a humanitarian website that brought the PS2 into this. Read the whole story first before you start flinging around your ignorance.

SolidSnake933967d ago

Thats is the truth its not the system its the material.

Twizlex3967d ago

Some people just don't get it...

PimpHandHappy3967d ago

i guess PC's dont use the same materials that the PS2 uses! It must be some very special material if the PS2 is the ONLY eltronic using it!

Twizlex3967d ago

It's not. If you'd freaking read the whole story, it clearly says that the PS2 was a major influence in the huge increase in demand for the stuff between 1999-2001. It's not the ONLY one.

PimpHandHappy3967d ago

out of all the systems on the market the PS3 is the most green and by a long shot!

the 360 is the least green!

Gameinformer a few issues ago brought it up!

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