If EA Created a New Star Wars Game

SwtorStrategies: "So here is a question to ponder: If EA was to create a new Star Wars game that isn’t part of an existing series (like Battlefront, Rogue Squadron, etc.) what would you want it to be about? If you could write the plot and script for a new Star Wars game, what would your game be about? Would you be looking for something with more of a Star Wars Galaxies feel to it or would you go in a completely different direction?"

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annoyedgamer1500d ago

They had the chance with 1313. Unsurprisingly they turned it down.

DeadlyFire1500d ago

EA did not. Disney/Lucasarts had 1313 development.

Technically there is an action adventure project at Visceral that is Star Wars though with Uncharted team talent on board. So it could be related to Star Wars 1313 in a way.

r1sh121500d ago

Forget about new games, but there needs to be a kotor3!
I absolutely loved the jedi knight series, I think they should continue them but with so much content being made canon/non canon Im not sure how they would continue as sequels :(

mep691500d ago

Ye, I want to see what they can do with my Dark Side Jayden. I want to play the bad guy for a change. Not start off good and then can end up bad if I want. I want to start off full blown fucking evil.

ZombieKiller1500d ago

I'd love a game where you could explore the different planets like Destiny but it would be interactive in the style of Skyrim/Witcher (where you could talk to the residents). A jedi story where your main hub is the Jedi temple. you could go on missions to help the jedi through mission that go along with the main movie's story. That would mean that certain scenes like the battle of Hoth/Yavin or any of the other iconic scenes have a chance to show their face.

Or you could even change Jedi to smuggler and Jedi Temple to Kessel or something. My point is there is an AMAZING universe out there that Lucas literally went mad creating. We have not used even 1% of this universe the way we should. Games are the best way to tell a story if done right and half his movies are done by computer anyway so why the hell hasn't this happened?! It kills me....The Matrix would be another awesome game if done right.

Then I see stuff like Destiny and am like.....ahhhhh why not Star Wars?! I mean c'mon! It has SPEEDERBIKES?! WHY NOT STAR WARS?! Hopefully one day!

UltraNova1499d ago

Its called Mass Effect :-)

r1sh121499d ago

kotor did that well actually

ZombieKiller1499d ago

Sorry...I forgot to add the most important part on my description: It's an action game. Similar combat to Arkham or maybe God of War...even old school Devil May Cry maybe. With exploration and interaction similar to say...The Witcher.

kraenk121499d ago

I actually read something last week that they restarted production!

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Magnus1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Still find it hard to believe Mickey Mouse owns the Death Star.

NVIDIAGeek1500d ago

Not all, only Marvel. And don't tell me DC doesn't count.

ZombieKiller1500d ago

Batman would whoop Spartacus' ass. Don't even.

Pintheshadows1500d ago

Really, it makes sense to me. I've never trusted Mickey.

On topic, I am pretty sure that whatever Amy Hennig and Visceral are doing will be a new Star Wars series and it wouldn't surprise me to see a third person action adventure in the 1313 mould.

MasterCornholio1500d ago

His big black ears definitely proved that hes from the dark side.

Mr Pumblechook1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm sure EA ARE creating at least one other Star Wars game. They paid a lot of money for the exclusive license they are not going to sit on it and only produce one game every four years. Isn't former Uncharted writer Amy Hennig supposed to be working on one?

kraenk121499d ago

Judging by the last trailers this was the best thing that could happen to the brand.

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philm871500d ago

If EA created a new Star Wars game you'd have to pay real money to play as the best characters, or alternatively play the game for over 300 hours.

pompombrum1500d ago

If EA created a new Star Wars game, it would be completely designed around microtransactions. They have a cashcow of an IP and if Disney let them have their way, will milk it for every single penny they can.

lex-10201500d ago

Disney owns the film franchise. EA owns the video game franchise. So they wouldn't need permission from Disney. People just think Disney owns it all because they don't count video games.

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poppinslops1500d ago

I'd have 'em build an ARPG set between the trilogies...
You'd play as a jedi-apprentice who's been on the run with his/her master for a year.

The 'tutorial' would be set in and around your hideout (a cave on a no-name planet)... you run a few errands, chat to some peeps, beat up a douchebag and basically get the gist of things before Master Killjoy calls you back.
You're getting a lecture on responsibility when the Empire attacks, the Big Bad kills your master and you are captured.

You're taken aboard a star-destroyer and thrown into the brig... There are other prisoners, all of whom are young force-sensitives.
The Empire has plans for you, so and your new friends decide to bust out. Thus begins the stealth/lockpicking tutorial.
The plan goes bad, but you manage to get to an escape pod... the others are recaptured.

You eventually crash-land on the dark side of a tidally locked planet... there are horrifying critters in the shadows, so you push toward the faint light on the horizon. Emegency flares and your lightsaber help to keep the nasties back.

It takes a while, but you get there... The terminator line - where it's always 'sunset'.
Days go by as you explore, craft and survive...

Eventually you find a dead guy. He appears to have been killed by the local wildlife.
His backpack is full of plants, but there is also a beacon of some kind. You push it's button and a ship flies into view, circles your position then lands at your feet.

Turns out the dead guy was a botanist... A SPACE BOTANIST.
You take his ship and escape the planet, heading straight for the nearest spaceport.

Now the game truly begins.
Do you investigate the Botanist's mysterious cargo?
Do you die looking for fuel on a ghost-ship?
Do you find your former cellmates or do they find you?

Pay me, EA.
Pay me and I'll tell you.

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