10 Things That Don't Suck About the Game Industry

The Escapist's Jason Della Rocca writes:

"One of the International Game Developers Association's many roles is to deal with all the crap that's going on in the game development community, from defending developers' right to creative expression to pushing studios for better work-life balance. As the guy heading up the organization, I often get roped into panel discussions to debate these topics or write articles (some for this very publication) dealing with the various challenges the industry faces. That's fine; it's part of the job description, and I enjoy serving my role. But another aspect of my job, one that I often neglect, is to be an industry evangelist - to promote all that's cool and wonderful about games and game development.

So, in contrast to my usual "the sky is falling" articles, here are 10 things that I think are pretty darn cool, impressive and interesting about the game industry."

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