Sony's PlayStation Vue internet TV service is launching within two weeks

Sony's internet TV service, PlayStation Vue, will come out of beta and launch commercially in three major cities within the next two weeks. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony will offer Vue in New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia to start — cities where invited testers have already been using the service for months. PlayStation Vue runs on Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. The goal is to roll out Vue nationwide by the end of 2015, Sony's Andrew House said in an interview with the Journal.

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Thatguy-3103357d ago

Does anyone know the price for this thing?

SmokingMonkey3357d ago

Article said $50-$80 but it's not specified.

This is very intriguing.

RiPPn3357d ago

$50 - $80 for service on 1 TV? That's terrible. Hope it's better than that or Sling TV it is.

Eonjay3357d ago

If it is launching in two weeks, they have to release price setups soon.

thejigisup3357d ago

Saweet, i really enjoyed the beta.

JMaine5183357d ago

They have to get ESPN Or its a no go for me.

Moe-Gunz3357d ago

I'm interested. Price can't be that though.

Pillsbury13357d ago

In my opinion 30-40$ would be the sweet spot.

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New PlayStation Handheld Reported Again, Supposedly Runs PS4 Games

Another leaker has claimed that a PSP/PS Vita style PlayStation handheld is in the works, and it'll supposedly support PS4 games.

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anast2d ago

If this is true, it will crush everything for the price.

VenomUK2d ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

Needs to be a PS5 portable.

Cacabunga1d 23h ago

PS4 native with PS5 remote play capabilities. Would be sweet.

And let PS Portal support cloud streaming for all PS+ games.

anast1d 22h ago

Going off all the pricing behavior of Sony to this point. I'm willing to bet it will be cheaper than the Steam Deck. And when the price is revealed and I am right, send me a message.

Cacabunga1d 22h ago

Could be an attempt to counter switch 2 which will have PS4 power.
Imagine all the PS4 third party re releases switch 2 is going to get.. “PS4 portable” could get the exact same games once again and publishers can resell software ..

If this portable has provides PS5 remote play on top then it will have a nice argument and exclusive feature.

DarXyde1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )


Possibly, though I think any attempt to win against Nintendo in the handheld space is hopeless.

I loved the PSP and I still enjoy my Vita, but there's something about a full scale Mario and Zelda in your hands that makes it clear Sony should share the space, but never dream of taking it.

It's a very safe bet from Sony to have it run PS4 games too because then neither you nor developers are on the hook to make dedicated games for it.

Time will tell. I hope it's real. I'm willing to bet that it is—this is an inevitable strategy for Nintendo and the Surface team is allegedly handling Microsoft's next hardware stint. Sony wouldn't be the only one without portable hardware.

JL293017h ago

$199 for a dedicated handheld when they are trying to sell that piece of shit streaming screen for the same price. Hilarious.